b'WRIST AND HANDn Gel pad Mineral-oilVisco-GELgel padCarpal Tunnel Relief Sleeves soothe and moisturize skin while protecting against friction, abrasion, and pressure. Four- Full finger and thumb way stretch fabric allows full wrist motion.movement9-mm-thick mineral-oil gel pad helps prevent and reduce appearance of scar tissue. Ideal for post-op carpal tunnel, keloid, and hypertrophic scarring resulting from plastic/reconstructive surgery,nDurable leather with soft, padded interiorinjury, or burns.Sizing: S/M fits most Wmn and smaller Men;FREEDOMWorkFit Leather Splints Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. L/XL fits larger Wmn and most Men. Rugged, long-lasting aids for reducing and ITEM #SIZEWRIST CIRCUMFERENCEPRICECARPAL TUNNEL SUPPORTS#52559S/M$24.00 ea preventing wrist pain. Control level of wrist support#5772 S5"-6"$103.75 ea#52560L/XL$24.00 ea by inserting adjustable metal stays: palmar and/or#5774 M6"-7"$104.75 eadorsal (included). Circumferential wrist strap Specify Left or Right.provides even more support. Padded cloth interior#5776L7"-8"$107.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. offers excellent vibration protection for those usingCalifornia residents, see left page.pneumatic tools. Fits left or right.n Antibacterial liningProFlex 4000 Single Strap Wrist SupportsDurable, n Y-shaped medial and lateral stays medium-weight support restricts downward wrist movement. Lightweight WristOpen-center plastic stay avoids Immobilizerspressure on carpal tunnel. Two-Y-shaped medial andstage closure. Antibacterial lining lateral stays, pluswicks moisture. palmar spoon stay andMachine-washabledorsal stay for maximum flexion, extension, and rotation control. Aluminum stays bend for an exactSizing: Measure around wrist at smallest fit. Dual wrist straps. Ventilated. Fits left or right.point. S, 5"-6"; M, 6"-7"; L, 7"-8"; XL, 8"+.Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. S, 51/2"-61/2"; #51243$27.37 eaM, 61/2"-71/2"; L, 71/2"-81/2"; XL, 81/2"-91/2". Specify size and Left or Right. #510363$34.75 ea California residents, see left page. FAX800.437.2966Specify size.California residents, see left page.Prevents heatPaddedbuildupfor comfort AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Glove-like fitProFlex 4020 Wrist SupportsNeoprene body cloth conforms for glove-like fit. Open-center plastic stay reduces pressure on median nerve.n Rugged support for industrial tasksAdjustable hook-and-loop closure.Work Support 2 Dual-Strap Wrist Interior ventilation holesMachine-washable Braces stabilize wrist. Use for heavySizing: Measure wrist circumference. Sizing: Measure around wrist at smallest point. XS/S, upindustrial tasks. Padded, open-weave polyester#70005S5"-6"#70006M6"-7"to 6"; M, 6"-7"; L/XL, 7"-8"; XXL, 8"+. helps prevent heat buildup. Flexible stainless#70007 L 7"-8"#70008XL8"+#51244$26.97 ea steel springs offer gentle and minimal motion $32.75 eaSpecify size and Left or Right.restriction. Dual straps. Hook-and-loop closures.Specify Left or Right. California residents, see left page. Open-weave polyesterStainless steel springs California residents, see left page. 131'