b'Ambulatory Footdrop Braces FOOT AND ANKLE nCarbon fiber blend offers greater flexibilityElite Rehabilitator AFOs providenDorsiflexion-assist PDACdorsiflexion and lower leg extension dynamicJacob JointAPPROVEDassist while facilitating muscle activation in the affected leg to promote muscle re-learning whenStep-Smart Drop the brace is worn. Over several months, manyFoot Ankle Bracespatients exhibit carry over with unassistedA unique solution for improved dorsiflexion unbraced. The patentedfootdrop. Dorsiflexion-assist Elite Rehabilitator is the only known rehabilitatingJacob Joint pushes foot dynamic AFO available. May be combined withinto dorsiflexion during the Sport Rehabilitator Knee Brace ( #66576 , p.swing phase, and absorbs 85) for total lower extremity hemiplegic gaitshock and decelerates correction. Includes AFO, two tibial pads, andplantarflexion during strap assembly.heel strike. Sizing: Measure length of foot heel to toe; height fromComes with floor to top of lateral malleolus; and height from floor tothree sets of AMBULATORY FOOTDROP BRACES head of fibula. See chart below. replaceable compression #66423AFOEA components. Clinician can Specify size and Left or Right. adjust shock absorption level accordingly.LATERALFIBULA Sizing: S/M, Wmns shoe size FOOT PLATEMALLEOLUSHEAD 7-12, Mens shoe size 51 2 -101 2SIZELENGTHHEIGHTHEIGHT with a heel width up to 21 2 "; L/XL, Wmns shoe size 121 2 -14, XS8"21 2 "14" Mens shoe size 101 2 -121 2with a S9"21 2 "15" heel width up to 3". M10"3"16" #70583DROP FOOT ANKLE BRACEEAL11"31 2 "17" Specify size and Left or Right. XL12"31 2 "17" Suggested codes: L1971, L2210Join our email list!Stay up to date onnew catalogs, product promos, and more!AliMed.com/signupFAX800.437.2966n 12" shank installs directly to shoe n No shank/footplatejust attach bar Shop direct fromSchwartz Dynamic Carbon Fiber AFOsEZ Dorsi Assist AFOs provide a solution for provide a solution for diabetic patients or for anypatients who cannot tolerate an in-shoe device,our eCatalogs patient who cannot tolerate an in-shoe AFO. Totallike diabetic patients with footdrop. It can be fitted 866.936.2987AliMed.com out-of-shoe AFO installs directly to shoe, leaving noin patients room quickly using existing shoe.anytime, anywhere!contact in sensitive areas. Out-of-shoe attachmentDynamic carbon fiber laminate is lightweight but eliminates fitting issues and is cosmetically lessstrong. Carbon coated aluminum attachment bar apparent. A dynamic carbon plate runs the entire(no foot plate) is easily malleable to any shoe. length of the shoe. Adjustable height (12"-18")Adjustable height (12"-18") and super flexible calf with super flexible calf band fits a wide range ofband virtually eliminates all fitting issues. Attaches patients. Optional valgus/varus for greater ankledirectly to shoe in less than 30 minutes, with only control available by special order. 3 holes to drill. Includes all hardware needed to #66699CARBON FIBER AFOEA attach to any shoe.Specify size. See chart below.#66698EZ DORSI ASSIST AFOEASpecify size. See chart at left. CALF BANDSHANK SIZECIRCUMFERENCE(CUT TO SIZE)XS8"-10"12"S 11"-13"12" AliMed.com/ecatalogM 14"-16"12"L 17"-19"12"58 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'