b'Ulnar Deviation Splints n Adjustable finger tab systemWRIST AND HANDFREEDOM Arthritis SupportsDouble-thick, soft, foam-padded annel protects inamed and painful MP joints of arthritic hands against accidental impact. Adjustable nger-tab system helps correct ulnar drift without bulkiness. n I ndividual finger alignment tabs First tab aligns index and middle ngers in neutral. Fingers work together to reduce stress on individual Ulnar Deviation Straps support MCPngers. Separate tab aligns fourth nger. Soft MPSplint puts gentle joints and maintain nger alignment.overwrap protects dorsal surface of all four MPforce on jointsIndividual finger alignment tabs. Ulnar edgejoints and aligns little nger in neutral. Flexibleto discouragesupports the little nger from base to PIP joint.stiffener along splints ulnar border maintains neutralulnar driftUse i nside a resting-position splint or by itself.wrist alignment. Dual D-ring wrist straps ensure comfortable wrist support. Hook-and-loop closures. Neoprene w/nylon lining Trilaminate fabric cover retains therapeutic warmth Sizing: S ts most Women; M ts most Men. Trim withfor enhanced joint mobility.scissors to adjust t. WashableULNAR DEVIATION SPLINTS#5522ULNAR DEVIATION STRAP EA Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. See chart below.Specify size and Left or Right. SIZEWRIST CIRC. LEFTRIGHTQTYS5"-6" #5933#5932EAM6"-714" #5935#5934EAL714"-814" #5937#5936EA nHelps prevent MP subluxation during activity Longn Shape to fit Short and Long Ulnar Deviation LMB Soft-Core Wire-Foam UlnarSplintsLightweight splints support Deviation Splints (Model 202) supportmetacarpal heads to help decrease stress and MP joints and align proximal phalanges. Shape todeformity. Fits snugly into palmar area, reducing conform to hand. Dual straps hold splint securelydanger of MP subluxation during activity. Permits yet allow hand use. use of IP and PIP joints in grasp, but restricts both Sizing: Measure width of hand at the MP joints. If handMP flexion and extension. Raised ulnar border width falls between sizes, order the larger size. maintains finger alignment without need for individual finger tabs. Long model adds extraSIZEMP WIDTHLEFTRIGHTQTY protection and support during acute flare-ups or for S (B)*214"-234"#5363#5362EA nighttime use. Elastic straps hold splint in place M (C)*27 8 "-314"#5365#5364EA without discomfort. L (D)*33 8 "-33 4 "#5367#5366EA AliLite thermoplastic foamAllows minor adjustmentsShort*Mfg. size codew/heat gunSizing: Measure MP width from ulnar aspect of fth#5208SHORT EA #5209LONGEAmetacarpal to radial aspect of second metacarpal on dorsal FAX800.437.2966surface of hand. S, 214"-234"; M, 234"-314"; L, 314"-4". Specify size and Left or Right. n Great as night splint for arthritis sufferers AliMed.com 866.936.2987Comforter Splints ease active rheumatoid arthritis pain by cradling hand and wrist in neutral n Correction and motion control alignment. Thick Kydex shell positions wrist Polycentric Hinged Ulnar Deviationin slight extension, holds MP joints in neutral, Splintuses mild-to-moderate force to alignand allows IP function. Soft, quilted splint cover. hand. Dorsal-based splint does not pinch or impedeAdjustable, padded finger and wrist stays for grasp. Radial and ulnar polycentric hinges locatedperfect alignment. CMC joint is supported, at MP joints wont impede flexion or extension.allowing thumb to function freely. Not madePadded, malleable finger rings can be individuallywith natural rubber latex.shaped to fit each finger.Kydex shellSizing: Measure MP joints across dorsal surface fromSizing: Measure MP joints across dorsal surfaceradial side of second metacarpal to ulnar side of fifthfrom radial side of second metacarpal to ulnar sidemetacarpal. S, 25 8 "-31 8 "; M, 31 8 "-31 2 "; L, 31 2 "-35 8 ".of fifth metacarpal. S, 234"-3"; M, 3"-33 8 "; L, 33 8 "-3 5 8 ".#51385ULNAR DEVIATION SPLINT EA #51386COMFORTER SPLINTEA Specify size and Left or Right.Specify size and Left or Right. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 115'