b'WRIST AND HANDCustom splint supportn Comfort and protection for arthritis Supports unstable FREEDOM Low-Profile ThumbKeeper CMC and MP jointSplints support an unstable CMC and MP right out of the box joint for patients with chronic thumb arthritis. With this splint, thumb can be used as a stable post in grasp. Daily activities can continue uninterrupted. THUMB SPLINTSOverlap palmar strap closure is easier to manipulate than traditional D-ring closure. Sizing: Measure width of hand at MP joints from radial aspect of index nger to ulnar aspect of little nger.S, 214"-234"; M, 234"-314"; L, 314"-334". SIZELEFTRIGHTS#5103#5102M#5105#5104L#5107#5106$38.00 ea$38.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n Mold without tools for acustom-fit in secondsFREEDOMForm Custom-Moldable ThumbKeeperSplints immobilizeMP/CMC joint with total functional freedom of fingers, plus ability to custom-mold and fit instantly.FAX800.437.2966How it works: Have you used malleable aluminum finger splints in the past and found them to be difficult to bend in two directions simultaneously? AliMeds innovation overcomes this limitation, allowing complex curve fitting to normal anatomy. Splint comes premoldedsimply apply strapping. In critical edge areas, flare edgesAliMed.com 800.225.2610away from body to avoid pinching. Straps can be completely removed and repositioned on outer surface of splints for precise strap positioning.All aluminum edges are completely padded. Interior is covered with18 "-thick closed-cell foam. Sizing: Measure width of hand at MP joints from radial aspect of index finger to ulnar aspect of little finger. Immobilizes CMC S, 214"-234"; M, 23 4 "-31 4 "; L, 31 4 "-33 4 ". joint while fingers move freely SIZEITEM #6/PKS#5302#5305M#5303#5306L#5304#5307$35.75 ea$216.75 pkSpecify Left or Right.California residents, see left page.Patent pending.115'