b'Toe AlignmentFOOT AND ANKLESiliposPediFixToeBuddyLittle ToeBuddy n Aligns and prevents friction Silipos Toe Spreaders help align and prevent friction between toes. Relieve pain of overlapping toes,n Firm foam pad divides toesbunions, and toe drift. Will not deform or degrade.Toe SeparatorsThree layers of foam Polymer gel contains mineral oil to soften skin. cushioning absorb pressure and relieveSizing: S, most children and small Women; between-toe irritation.M, most Women; L, most Men.BuddyLittle Buddy SILIPOS PEDIFIX VISCO-GELSILIPOS PEDIFIX Spacer Spacer#66461S50/PK #65509S 4/PK #67086S12/ PK #6214*S, M, L12/ PK#66462M50/PK #65510M 4/PK #67087M12/ PK #60197XL12/ PK n Gel loops keep spacer in positionTOE ALIGNMENT#67088L*Specify S, M, or L.#66463L50/PK #65511L4/PK 12/ PK #67089XL12/P K No-Slip Buddy Spacer and Visco-GELToeBuddy help separate and align the first and second digits. Little Buddy Spacer and Little ToeBuddy best fit the little toes. ToeBuddy Long has an extended spacer to more effectively separate digits for larger-sized feet and more Visco-GELsevere first and second toe deformities. SILIPOS NO-SLIPPediFix Visco-GELPediFix Visco-GEL#67059BUDDY SPACER 4/PKToe SpacersSeparators#67063LITTLE BUDDY SPACER4/PK PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL#66632TOEBUDDY 2/PKSilipos All-GelnCushions and reduces friction #66633LITTLE TOEBUDDY 2/PKToe Spacers Toe Separators help cushion and reduce friction#66993TOEBUDDY LONG 2/PKand irritation between toes, offering relief from soft corns, interdigital lesions, overlapping toes, and nail n Gently separates toes and bunion problems. Polymer gel contains mineral Toe Spacers separate and align toes, absorbingoil to soften skin.pressure and friction to help decrease pain. GelSizing: S, second toe; L, big toe; XL, Mens big toe. loop holds spacer in place. PediFix Stay-Put ToeSILIPOS PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL PediFix Spacer loop fits over first or second toe. Stay- #66464S 50/PK #65506S 15/PK SuedePut Toe Separator fits around any small toe. #66465L 50/PK #65507L 15/PKSILIPOS NO-SLIP ALL-GEL #65508XL 15/PKFAX800.437.2966#67061TOE SPACER4/PK Silipos PEDIFIX VISCO-GEL STAY-PUTFelt#66995*TOE SPACER4/PK#66739**TOE SEPARATOR10/PK*Not available in S. **Specify S, M, or L.Silipos Suede AliMed.com 866.936.2987n Adjustable elastic toe loopHammer Toe Crests (Buttress Pads) help relieve metatarsal and toe pain from hammer or n Relieves pressure fromclaw toes. Suede or Felt cover with adjusta ble toe bent-under toe tips loop.Visco-GEL Hammer ToeCrutchSilipos Sizing: S, M, L. PediFix Sizing: S, Wmns up to 7; Comfortable, contoured pad elevates and alignsM, Wmns 8-10, Mens 6-8; L, Wmns 11+, Mens 9-10; XL, hammer or claw toes to help relieve pressure offMens 11+.n Wear on top of or under toes bent-under toe tips, while providing gentle support SILIPOS Polyfoam Toe Comb Cushions are wornfor easier walking. Soft, wide gel loop holds crutch#67091FELT 3/PKon top or underneath toes to relieve pressurein place and protects and soothes toe-top corns.#67090SUEDE 3/PKand friction. Use to treat fungal infections. SoftSizing: S, 121 2mm diam.; M, 15 mm diam.; L, 20 mm diam.PEDIFIXPolyfoam. One size. #66796HAMMER TOECRUTCH 4/PK #6209SUEDE3/PK#6215TOE COMB CUSHION 12/PK Specify S, M, or L.Specify size and Left or Right. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 25'