b'Ease wrist and finger spasticityWRIST AND HANDWhat is an AliFleece Splint Liner?AliFleece looks and feels like sheepskin. Its soft, comfortable, and wicks away moisture. No more damp skin against plasticAliFleece helps to maximize patient compliance. Each AliFleece liner is tailored to fit a specific style splint. Padded straps are stitched into the liner, with aAvailable with or without hook-and-loop fastener holding the liner andAliFleece Linerstraps firmly in place. Does not contain wool. nPositions wrist in 30 extension,MP joints at approximately 80Available withDeluxe Functional-Position Hand Functional-Position and Resting PanSplintsClassic hand positioning for post-PREFORMED HAND SPLINTSMitt Splints stroke patientsthumb in full opposition, wrist in SIZELEFTRIGHT30 extension, and MP joints at approximately 80. Choose traditional splint (includes strap kit),XS #5180#5181 or select a splint with a comfort-enhancingS#5182#5183 AliFleece Liner (see right). Includes wristM#5184#5185straps that secure in a figure eight for firm,L#5186#5187comfortable hold. $48.75 ea$48.75 eaHeat-adjustable thermoplastic #510491*SPLINT w/ALIFLEECE LINER$89.75 eaSizing: Measure circumference of hand at the MP joints.* Specify size and Left or Right. Not available in XS. XS, 51 4 "-6"; S, 61 2 "-71 4 "; M, 71 4 "-81 4 "; L, 81 4 "-91 4 ". California residents, see left page.n Positions wrist at approximately 10 flexionDeluxe Resting Pan Mitt Splints position the wrist at approximately 10 of flexion, allowing fingers to partially flex. Thumb is held in partial abduction. This position is comforting to many patients with wrist and finger spasticity. Straps not included (Strap Kit sold below). For long-term wear, select this splint with an AliFleece Liner (see below) with straps included. Heat-adjustable thermoplasticSizing: Measure the circumference of the hand at the MP joints. S, 61 2 "-71 4 "; M, 71 2 "-81 4 "; L, 81 2 "-91 4 ". SIZELEFTRIGHTFAX800.437.2966S#5812#5817M #5813#5818 Available L#5814#5819 with or without AliFleece Liner$45.75 ea$45.75 ea#51-101STRAP KIT$21.75 kit#510745*RESTING SPLINT w/ALIFLEECE LINER/STRAPS$104.00 eaAliMed.com 800.225.2610* Specify size and Left or Right. California residents, see left page.n Controls spasticity and toneBall Hand Splints use a reflex-inhibiting position to control spasticity and tone. Adjustable thermoplastic. Straps included.Heat-adjustable thermoplasticSizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints. S, 61 2 "-71 4 "; M, 71 2 "-81 4 "; L, 81 2 "-91 4 ". #5375SM.LEFT$62.75 ea#5378SM.RIGHT$62.75 ea#5376MED.LEFT$62.75 ea#5379MED.RIGHT$62.75 ea#5377LG.LEFT$62.75 ea#5388LG.RIGHT$62.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 143'