b'Nighttime and light-duty CTS careWRIST AND HAND Carpal Tunneln Moisture-wicking cover stays drySupports Lite Night CTS Resting Splints feature an aluminum stay embedded in cushioning Carpal tunnel Transverse carpalfoam for comfort. Hollow channel on underside of ligament splint minimizes pressure on carpal tunnel region. Stay can be bent to any angle. Plush, moisture-wicking cover stays dry and comfortable. Soft Beta Mediannerve Stays dry Pile IIstraps. Fits left or right.Sizing: S/M fits most Wmn and smaller Men; L fits most Men and larger Wmn.#51078S/M EA#51079L EA CARPAL TUNNEL SUPPORTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)occurs when inflammation puts pressure onPDACthe median nerve as it passes through theDorsal stays n Two metal dorsal stays APPROVEDnarrow tunnel of ligaments and bones inIMAK RSI Pil-O-Splintfor pain relief and the wrist, known as the carpal tunnel. Thiswrist protection when sleeping or resting. inflammation can develop from repetitive wristImmobilizes wrist, hand, and fingers in neutral movement or prolonged flexion/extensionposition. Ultra-light cushioning foam and soft and is characterized by pain, numbness, andbreathable polycotton lining. Two metal dorsal tingling in the hand and fingers, and/or loss ofstays for rigid support. Splint slides on and off functional grasp. easily. Fits left or right. One size fits forearm Which support to choose?Foamcircumference up to 12".Nighttime Splints (this page) rest the cushioning 13"LMachine-washablewrist and fully limit motion in order to relieve#510602RSI PIL-O-SPLINT EAsymptoms and help reduce underlyingSuggested code: L3807inflammation. Most nighttime splints fully support the wrist in neutral and many also immobilize the fingers in extension to further limit aggravation of the muscles and tendons. Nighttime splints may also be indicated for daytime wear during periods of acute flare- Dorsal stays PDACup until a daytime/active support can ben Adjustable closure APPROVEDtolerated. IMAK Adjustable RSI Pil-O-Splint Same Wrist Wraps (p. 123) give minimal supportexceptional comfort as standard Pil-O-Splint but and are a good alternative to an active or rigidwith an added featureits adjustable. One size. splint for early intervention of carpal tunnelFits left or right.FAX800.437.2966 symptoms. Wraps can also be used to help progress individuals out of a more rigid splintCotton-covered foamMachine-washableas symptoms improve. #51331ADJUSTABLE RSI PIL-O-SPLINT EAAdjustableSuggested code: L3807Foam compressioncushioning866.936.2987AliMed.com Immobilizing Supports,p. 121n Adjustable dorsal stayIMAK RSI Wristimer PM Holds wrist in neutral while resting. Lightweight and comfortable; Grip-Fit Splints, p. 121 breathable foam padding; terrycloth covering. Adjustable aluminum dorsal stay. Hook-and-loop straps. One size. Fits left or right.Cool andHand-wash, air-drylightweight #510351RSI WRISTIMER PM EAActive Supports, p. 120122 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'