b'Post-Op Cast ShoesCast Accessories PEDIATRIC ORTHOSES Molded heel counter,rigid sole for a better fit!Lining allows Adjustable D-ring closure forfoot to breathebest fit and compression n Strapless forefoot closureMedSurg ShoesEasy-to-use, strapless forefoot Open-toeclosure eliminates buckle pressure. Expands to design accommodate dressings up to 17" circumference. Ankle strap and raised heel counter reduce heel slippage. Square toe for better right/left fit and greater protection when K-wires protrude from the Cushioned,toes. Rocker sole and removable, modifiable EVA nonskid, insole. Fits left or right. Black.CAST SHOESCAST ACCESSORIES rigid sole Sizing: Fits childrens shoe sizes 12-1.#64464MEDSURG SHOEEAClassic Post-Op ShoesAll theeven compression and adjusts to accommodate#64464-36MEDSURG SHOE36/CSsupport and comfort of higher-pricedbulky dressings and edema, while open-toeAdditional shipping charges may apply.models, including a cushioned,design helps prevent undue friction on toes. nonskid, rigid sole. Durable upperFits left or right. Black.with soft inner lining allows foot toSizing: Fits shoe size 10-1.breathe, while molded heel counter conforms#65468POST-OP SHOEEAto the heel for better fit. D-ring closure ensures n High ankle strapadds stabilityPediatric Slimline n Extra-long straps Cast Boots adapt to fiberglass casts, Pediatric Original MedSurg Shoes bulky compression Patented metatarsal shank provides superiorbandages, and a variety of wound care control of forefoot motion to ensure undisturbedapplications. Adjustable forefoot closure can be postoperative healing. Better protection afterswitched between left/right closure. Higher ankle osteotomies. Reinforced padded heel reducesstrap adds stability.slippage. Breathable, lightweight mesh upperSizing: Fits childrens shoe sizes 12-1. Sizing: S, Childrens 5-71 2 ; M, 8-111 2 ; L, 12-11 2 . allows proper ventilation and conforms to bony abnormalities. Extra-long straps for bulky#66620 ORIGINAL MEDSURG SHOEEA #65350SLIMLINE CAST BOOTEAdressings. Fits left or right. Navy Blue. Specify size.Pediatric cast accessoriesFAX800.437.2966n Infinity edge prevents water from pooling on ring n For daily showers and bathingSEAL-TIGHT Infinity offers the ultimate in cast andSEAL-TIGHT Original for daily bandage protection. Unique infinity edge enhancesshowering or bathing. Durable polyvinyl 866.936.2987AliMed.com protection and prevents water from pooling on ring.bag lasts the life of the cast or bandage Molded grips for easy, no-slip application. Forms uniformwith daily use and normal care. Diaphragm watertight seal on the limb. Stretches easily over cast orstretches over cast or bandage to form bandage and resists tearing. For bathing and showering.watertight seal. Not made with natural Not made with natural rubber latex. rubber latex.Sizing: Measure cast length and circumference at widest pointSizing: Measure from tip of finger/heel to top of for best fit. Maximum cast length is given. cast for best fit. Maximum cast length is given. ITEM #PEDI SIZELENGTHCIRC.QTY#52755S, ARM12"16"EAITEM #PEDI SIZELENGTHQTY#52756M, ARM19"16"EA #52215S, ARM12"EA#52757L, ARM29"21"EA #52216M, ARM19"EA#67083S, LEG12"16"EA #52217L, ARM29"EA#67084M, LEG17"21"EA #66170S, LEG12"EA#67085L, LEG32"21"EA #66171M, LEG19"EA#66172L, LEG32"EA172 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'