b'FOOT AND ANKLELightweight, padded for maximum comfortSoft Toe Splints reduce pain after bunion surgery. MaintainWashable!hallux positioning and metatar-sophalangeal alignment. Hook-and-loop material for maximum application versatility. Thin and lightweight.WashablenNew three-point correction strap Sizing: S, Wmns up to 71 2 , Mens under 6; M, Wmns Bunion-Aider Splints apply a gentle stretch8-10, Mens 6-81 2 ; L, Wmns 101 2 +, Mens 9+.to relieve the deforming forces acting on the#6207SOFT TOE SPLINT EAbig toe. New three-point correction strap andSpecify size and Left or Right.Optional removable stay make it easier to straighten bigsupport strap BUNION SPLINTStoe at rest or in shoes. Foam-lined straps willincludednot slip or roll. Hand- or machine-wash. Air-dry. Fits left or right. One size. Not made with natural rubber latex.#66451BUNION-AIDER SPLINT EANote: Not recommended for those with diabetes orPDACcompromised circulation.n Hook-and-loop fastenerAPPROVED n Allows adjustment of 6 varus/valgusallows variable adjustment ValguLoc II Toe Splints correct Reduce forefoot edema. ValguLoc Toe Splints correcthallux valgus misalignment of big hallux valgus misalignment oftoe at rest and while moving. the big toe. As conservativeHelps prevent the progression therapy, a light correctiveof the painful deformity. Three-pressure keeps bigdimensional adjustable joint toe in its naturalallows for adjustment of 6 straight positionvarus or valgus. Thermo-and stretchesmoldable material shortened partsprevents pressurePDACof capsule andpoints from forming.APPROVEDsoft tissue. Hook-and-loop fastener allows forUniversal size. Fits left variable adjustment of soft felt material for corrector right. Not made with natural rubber latex. pressure. Wear without shoes. Not suitable forClean with soap and waterPost-Op Forefoot Socks help controlwalking. Not made with natural rubber latex. #66683VALGULOC II TOE SPLINT EApost-surgical edema in forefoot. Power- Clean with soap and watermesh material offers uniform compression after1 Suggested code: L3100Sizing: Size 1, Wmns up to 5 2 , Mens up to 5; Size 2, FAX800.437.2966bunion or other forefoot surgery. ContraindicatedWmns 6-9, Mens 5-8; Size 3, Wmns 91 2 -13, Mens 81 2 -12.for peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation. Fits left or right. #64946VALGULOC TOE SPLINT EAHand-washSpecify size and Left or Right. Suggested code: L3100 Sizing: S, Wmns 6-8, Mens 4-6; M, Wmns 9-11, Mens 7-9; L, Wmns 12-14, Mens 10-12. #64958POST-OP FOREFOOT SOCKPRAliMed.com 866.936.2987Specify size. n Breathable,lightweight fabricBunion Slings reposition big toe to minimize pain, pressure, Thermoplasticdiscomfort, and irritation. Usen Removable padded gel cushionpre- or post-operatively. Easily Bunion Splints applied, low-profile, and slip- Day and Night Gel Bunion SplintsSearch Item#6898 resistant. Washable. Fits in mostComforting removable gel cushion protects against footwear. Not made with natural rubber latex.friction and pressure. Adjustable straps and hinged Sizing: S, Wmns 4-10, Mens 6-8;L, Wmns 11-13, splint distribute pressure and provide corrective AliMed.com Mens 9-14. BUNION SLING EA support. Washable and reusable. Fits left or right. #66545One size. Not made with natural rubber latex.Specify size and Left or Right.#67027DAY/NIGHT GEL BUNION SPLINT EALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 27'