b'Stirrup Ankle Braces FOOT AND ANKLEPDACAPPROVEDpedisizesn ATF cross-strap compresses andnProvides partial immobilization of ankle nStability without restricting stabilizes CaligaLoc Ankle Stabilizers can be used daydorsi- or plantarflexion AirSport Ankle BracesSemirigid,or night to provide partial immobilization of ankle,FREEDOM Pediatric Ankle Supports STIRRUP ANKLE BRACES encased shell with foam-filled aircell cushionscounteract supination, and prevent abnormal loadsare designed to offer proper support for and supports ankle. ATF (anterior talofibular)in upper ankle. Slightly pronating raised heelsmaller ankles. Ideal for lateral/medial ligament cross-strap and integral forefoot and shin wrapssection takes strain off lateral malleolar ligaments.sprains, protective and post-operative support, and add compression and stabilization. Step-inIntegrated pronation wedge raises hindfoot andlong-term management. Made of flexible, double-design and automatic heel adjustment for easyrelieves lateral ligaments. Narrow, padded framesided, nylon-covered neoprene that supports and application. fits in any shoe. No rigid components on medialprovides therapeutic warmth and compression. Sizing: Select shoe size and foot width (Narrow, Regular,side for comfortable side sleep. Plastic splintNon-stretch medial and lateral adjustable hook-and-or Wide) from chart below. extends over base of fifth metatarsal bone andloop stabilization straps offer superior fit and allow 1 1 1 1 attaches with straps.dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. Fits left or right.WMNSUP TO 77 2 -9 9 2 -11 11 2 -13 13 2 + MENS 5-81 2 9-111 2 11-121 2121 2 +Heat-moldable for customizationNot made with116 "-thick double-sided neoprene with heavyweight NARROW FOOTS SM M L natural rubber latex perforated nylon coverBlackREGULAR FOOTSM M L LSizing: Approx. shoe size. Size 1, Wmns 31/2-7, MensSizing: Order by childs shoe size. 3XS, 2-31 2 ; XXS, 31 2 -5; WIDE FOOT M M L L L 21/2-6; Size 2, Wmns 71/2-11, Mens 61/2-10; Size 3, WmnsXS, 5-6.111/2-141/2, Mens 101/2-131/2. #66626PEDIATRIC ANKLE SUPPORTEARIGHTQTYLEFTQTY #67056ANKLE STABILIZEREASpecify size. S#64483 EA#64484 EA Specify size and Left or Right. M#64485 EA#64486 EA Suggested code: L1930L#64487 EA#64488 EAFAX800.437.2966PDACAPPROVED866.936.2987AliMed.com n Wear with or without a shoe n Inflatable air cushions adjust to degree nAdjustable pneumatic compressionMalleoLoc Ankle BracesSelf-shapingof swelling AirForm Universal Inflatable Ankle orthosis cushions and protects against lateralAirLoc Stabilizing Ankle Braces secureStirrup BracesSoft Flex-Edges provide twisting. ProprioPoint stimulates musculatureankle, particularly outer capsular ligaments, anduniversal fit without sacrificing comfort or stability. and reinforces stabilizing and mobilizing effectsprevent foot from twisting. Flexible anatomicallyInflatable air bladders allow adjustable pneumatic of orthosis. Clip mechanism of VELCRO-brandcontoured shell includes inflatable air cushions forcompression. Adjustable heel strap allows easy strap system reinforces tensile force. Wear with oradaptation to degree of swelling. Four individuallywidth adjustment. One size. Fits left or right. without a shoe.adjustable VELCRO-brand straps secure shell.#66060INFLATABLE ANKLE STIRRUP BRACE EASizing: Heel width: Size 1 less than 23 4 "; Size 2 greaterElastic shell connector adapts to foot width and than 23 4 ". swelling. One size.#66444ANKLE BRACE EA #67055STABILIZING ANKLE BRACE EASpecify size and Left or Right.Specify Left or Right. Suggested code: L4350MORE ANKLE BRACESP. 6162 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'