b'Correct leg-length discrepancyFOOT AND ANKLEChoosing a lift nViscoelastic polymer absorbs shock Leg-Length Discrepancy Pads Heel lifts can be used for moreLong-lasting viscoelastic polymer gives than just correcting leg-lengthexceptional shock absorption. Firm wedge with discrepancy. Used in rehabilitation,38 " soft fabric top cover is moisture-resistant and heel lifts raise the heel for lower- wont harden, crack, or curl.limb swing-through and improvedHEIGHTWMNSMENSQTYgait. Used bilaterally, heel lifts can help relieve stretch and strain on the14 " #69901 4 " 61 2 -81 25-6EAAchilles tendon and calf musculature inChoose from#69911 4 "9-12 61 2 -81 2EAtwo heights 1 4conditions such as Achilles tendonitis,#6992"9+EAplantar fasciitis, or heel spurs. The#69933 8 "61 2 -81 2 5-6EAfollowing are recommendations for#6994 3 8 "9-12 61 2 -81 2 EAmatching the correct heel lift to the#6995 3 8 "9+EAneeds of your patients. HEEL LIFTS Leg-length correction A measurable leg-length differenceShock-absorbing gel with a moisture-resistant cloth covercan have negative effects on the lower back, sacroiliac joint, hips, knees, lower leg, or feet, often a result of the body compensating for the leg-length difference. These effects are often furthern Peel, adjust, and re-adhere repeatedlyexacerbated during physical activities that involve running, where proper alignmentAdjustsClearly Adjustable Heel Lifts are composed and balance are critical to performance. Afrom of 12 separate layers of firm, clear vinyl plastic relatively firm, incompressible wedge is1 1 that can be peeled and adjusted in 1-millimeter recommended for everyday use. A shock- / 2 " to/ 32 " ( 132 ") increments. Long constant slope supports absorbing model will help improve patientarch and helps reduce arch stress. Layers can be comfort. For use during sports, a firm liftpeeled and re-adhered repeatedly. Vinyl conforms is required. The lift should not compress orbut does not compress, even with extended use. cause additional foot motion in the shoe.Ideal for dress shoes or sandals. " maximum Soft lifts are not recommended as they canheight. Peel to adjust height and trim with scissors easily result in loss of control and stabilityas needed.at the ankle, leading to sprains or falls. 1Sizing: S, Wmns shoe size up to 72 , Mens 6; M, WmnsRehabilitation8-10, Mens 61 2 -81 2 ; L, Wmns 101 2 +, Mens 9+. Correction or adjustment of leg length can#66443S EAalso assist in therapy after amputation,#66443M EAstroke, hip or knee replacement, fractures,#66443L EA or ankle equinus. Firm, adjustable heel lifts are ideal, allowing quick, easy, tool- Specify size.free adjustments. Lifts placed in the shoe FAX800.437.2966 on the affected side can help correct a discrepancy. Lifts placed in the shoe onCompensates for temporary leg-length discrepancy.the unaffected side can help with foot clearance during the swing-through phaseEVENupOrthotic Shoe Lifts add12 " to of gait. 1" lift to compensate for a temporary leg-length Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis,discrepancy such as when wearing a walking and heel spurscast or fracture boot. Easily attaches to shoe of 866.936.2987AliMed.com The goal here is to decrease strain andnonaffected limb for improved balance and gait, stress on the Achilles tendon and calfand reduced body strain. Rubber and hook-and-musculature. Lifts should always be usedloop straps hold it in place. Includes adjustable in both shoes to maintain balance andtwo-layer nonskid rubber outsole. Pro Pack alignment and to avoid knee, hip, or backincludes five of each size. Fits left or right.pain. Adjustable heel lifts often workSizing: S: A sole measurement between 10" and 111 4 "; best because the height can gradually beWmns 6-81 2 , Mens 7-81 2 . M: A sole measurementTwo-layer oversole adjusts heightreduced as the condition improves withoutbetween 111 2 " and 123 4 ";Wmns and Mens 9-111 2 ". requiring multiple height lifts. Shock- L: A sole measurement between 13" and 141 2 ";*It is generally best to choose an EVENup a little absorbing models can also help relieveWmns and Mens 12-14.* too small rather than a little too big. This means related discomfort in the heel area. #66088 S EA if your shoe measurement is between two of the measurements, like 11 1 4 "-11 1 2 ", or measures #66089 M EA 113 8 ", it is best to go with the small. Also note #66090 L EA that shoe size best correlates with size, as well.#66091PRO PACK (5 EA SIZE) 15/PK18 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'