b'Cervical Collars SPINE AND PELVIS Philadelphia Collars and StabilizersPhiladelphia CollarChin pedi cradle reduces sizes rotationCERVICAL COLLARSn Water-resistant forbathing and aqua therapyPhiladelphia TracheotomyPhiladelphia Stabilizerrestricts cervical spine movementCollarsAnterior and posterior rigid plastic reinforcement supports limit movement. TotalChin/sternumn Restricts movement of spine Maximum adjustment for immobilizationcervical arch support maintainsmeasurement Philadelphia Stabilizers attach easily to the neutral alignment. Easily customized. standard Philadelphia Collar (sold separately at left)nMaximum adjustmentNot made with natural rubber latex. Plastazote for added rotation control and flexion/extension foam reduces skin irritation. Water-resistant. support. Hook-and-loop straps for thoracicS.O.M.I. Braces (Sternal-Occipital-Sizing: Measure distance from chin to sternum. Measureadjustments.Mandibular Immobilizer)Adjustable for neck circumference: S, 10"-13"; M, 13"-16"; L, 16"-19".flexion, neutral, or hypertension positioning and Pediatric, 8"-11". Match chin/sternum measurement with RadiolucentHeat-mold for precise fit immobilization. Removable chin plate. Lightweight, neck measurement to determine correct collar size. Sizing: One size fits all adults. Not for pediatrics. vinyl-coated aluminum can be shaped to fitPHILADELPHIA COLLARwearer. Headband (not shown) has nonstretch nylon forehead strap with hook-and-loop closure COLLAR HEIGHT and polyethylene occipital section that snaps onto 2 14 " (5 cm)3 14 " (8 cm)4 14 " (11 cm)5 14 " (13 cm)QTY orthosis occipital plate.ADULT S#66380#66381#66382#66383EA Sizing: Measures 11"-15" from tip of chin to distal edge.ADULT M#66384#66385#66386#66387EA #60313SOMI BRACEEAADULT L#66388#66389#66390#66391EAFAX800.437.2966 PEDIATRIC COLLAR#5014 (13 4 "H) EA PHILADELPHIA STABILIZER#66392ADULT (ONE SIZE)EADouble-sealed.866.936.2987AliMed.com No leaks! Effective pain managementCold PacksDouble-sealed to reduce likelihoodHot PacksColored tabs allow easy pack of leaks. Stay cold and pliable for up to 30rotation in busy clinics. Offer up to 30 minutes minutes. Durable, blue vinyl.* of moist heat.#32704HALF SIZE, 7"W x 11"LEA #3673HALF SIZE, 5"W x 12"LEA#32705STANDARD, 11"W x 14"LEA #3672STANDARD, 10"W x 12"LEA#32706OVERSIZE, 11"W x 21"LEA #3674NECK, 5"W x 24"LEA#32707NECK CONTOUR, 23"LEA #3675OVERSIZE, 15"W x 24"LEA*Not made with natural rubber latex.One pack offers hundreds of treatments158 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'