b'Miami Fracture Bracing FRACTURE BRACINGPATELLA TO ANKLEITEM # SIZE CIRC. LENGTH PRICEMiami Tibial FractureMiami Tibial PTB BracesSarmientoFracture Braces design. Permits joint mobility#60594S11"-13"15"$228.75 ea control tibialsegments and early return to normal#60595M14"-16"16"-17"$228.75 ea through soft-tissue activities. Optimal control#60597L16"-18"17"-18"$228.75 ea compression. Full and molding through soft- Specify Left or Right. range of knee and tissue compression. BraceCalifornia residents, see below. ankle motion helps suspension and ankle stabilityFoot ComponentCombine with PTB brace forprevent stiffness controlled with single-axisM-L support. associated with footplate. Foot componentimmobilization. sold separately at right.Includes heel cup and ITEM # SIZE WMNS SHOE MENS SHOEIncludes one stockinette. one stockinette.PRICE14 "-thick polyethylene foam lines18 "-thick foam paddinganterior shell 18 "-thick foam padding 1 Sizing: Measure MIAMI FRACTURE BRACING #60604S5-7 2 3-6$42.75 ea circumference at Sizing: Measure#60605M71 2 -101 2 6-9$42.75 ea largest part of calf. circumference at#60606L101 2 -121 2 9-11$42.75 ealargest part of calf.Shown with optional Specify Left or Right.Foot Component California residents, see below.ITEM # SIZE CIRC. HEIGHT PRICEMiami Ulnar Fracture Braces for treatmentof midshaft and distal ulnar fractures. Full range of wrist and elbow motion. Includes one stockinette. #60601S111 2 "-14"11"$173.75 ea18 "-thick foam padding #60602M121 2 "-151 2 "121 2 "$173.75 eaSizing: Measure circumference at largest part of forearm.#60603L13"-161 2 "13"$173.75 ea#510237S, 8"-10"$79.00 ea Specify Left or Right.#510238M, 10"-12"$79.00 ea California residents, see below.#510239L, 12"-14"$79.00 ea Specify Left or Right. California residents, see below.FAX800.437.2966Miami Neutral Over-the-ShoulderMiami Humerus Fracture Braces controlMiami Over-the-Shoulder Humerus 800.225.2610AliMed.com Humerus Fracture Braces for treatment ofhumeral seg ments for treatment of humeral shaftFracture Braces for treatment of selected sel ected diaphyseal fractures. Full elbow ROM.fractures. Full shoulder and elbow ROM. Includesdiaphyseal humeral fractures. Full ROM. ReducesIncludes one stockinette. Fits left or right. one stockinette. distal migration. Includes one stockinette.18 "-thick foam padding 18 "-thick foam padding 18 "-thick foam paddingSizing: Measure circumference at largest part of biceps. Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of biceps. Sizing: Measure circumference at largest part of biceps.LATERAL LENGTH PRICE PRICEITEM # SIZE CIRC. MEDIAL LENGTH PRICE ITEM # LATERAL LENGTH ITEM # LATERAL LENGTHMEDIAL LENGTHMEDIAL LENGTHSIZE CIRC.SIZE CIRC.#510535S8"-121 2 "6"11"$101.75 ea #510545S8"-11"51 4 "61 4 "$88.00 ea #510552M11"-141 2 "7"12"$101.75 ea#510536M10"-131 4 "61 2 "121 2 "$101.75 ea #510546M10"-13"51 2 "63 4 "$88.00 ea #510553L12"-161 2 "71 4 "121 2 "$101.75 ea#510537L12"-15"7"131 2 "$101.75 ea #510547L12"-15"6"71 4 "$88.00 ea #510554XL12"-171 2 "8"131 2 "$101.75 ea#510538XL14"-16"71 4 "14"$101.75 ea #510548XL14"-17"61 4 "73 4 "$88.00 ea Specify Left or Right.California residents, see below. Specify Left or Right.California residents, see below.California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 98 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'