b'NEW!Comfy models,Grip Splintssizes, and cover optionsWRIST AND HANDPDAC Air Hand Roll also sold GRIP SPLINTS n Graduated finger rolls APPROVED separately, p. 104Finger Extender Hand Orthoses for more severe flexor pattern of wrist and fingers. Includes two graduated hard finger rolls that allow gradualn Adjustable air bladder forPDACincreases in ROM of DIP, PIP, and MP joints.gradual extension APPROVEDAdjustable metal frame bends to fit without heat orAir Hand OrthosesAdjustable air bladder additional tools. Soft, removable, machine-washableallows for gradual extension of MP, DIP, and Terrycloth cover. Fits left or right. Navy. PIP joints. Slides easily through contracted hands Sizing: See chart on next page. Pediatric sizes on p. 182. Includes two graduated by pulling on attached string. Soft, removable, #52867ADULT SMALL EA hard finger rolls machine-washable Headliner cover is antimicrobial. #51714ADULT EA One size (Adult). Fits left or right. Navy.Suggested code: L3807/L3809Sizing: See chart on next page.#52876AIR HAND ORTHOSIS EASuggested code: L3807/L3809Terrycloth coverFAX800.437.2966PDAC Swivel joint for ulnarAPPROVED or radial deviation866.936.2987AliMed.com PDACAPPROVEDn Allows for ulnar or radial deviationDeviation Finger Extender Hand Orthosesn Adjustable ROM Same features as Finger Extender Hand Orthosis (above, left) with unique swivel joint below the Goniometer Finger Extender HandGoniometer joint wrist that allows lateral and medial positioning to OrthosesSame features as Finger Extenderaccommodate ulnar or radial deviation. Choose Hand Orthosis (above) with Goniometer tosoft, removable, machine-washable Terrycloth allow for range of movement. Can be set to(Adult only) or antimicrobial Headliner cover. Fits static position or to adjust flexion/extension in 5 GONIOMETER left or right. Navy.increments. Spring-Loaded Goniometer has#52914ADULTEA Sizing: See chart on next page. Pediatric sizes on p. 182.added spring that applies dynamic stretch force to push wrist to desired degree of extension. Both SPRING-LOADED GONIOMETER #51716ADULT, TERRYCLOTH EAmodels have soft, removable, machine-washable#52932ADULT SMALLEA #52897ADULT SMALL, HEADLINER EATerrycloth cover. Fits left or right. Navy. #51729ADULTEA #52898ADULT, HEADLINER EASizing: See chart on next page. Pediatric sizes on p. 182. Suggested code: E1805 (Spring-Loaded Goniometer) Suggested code: L3915/L3916126 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'