b'75% lighter than thermoplastic splintsWRIST AND HAND CompareAliLiteweighs lessAliLite splints weigh aslittle as one-fourth theweight of conventionalthermoplastic splints.Resting splintthe shape youve trustedand the comfort thatjust isnt possible withhard plastics. Until now,Conventional splint therapists had only(12 oz. each) n Lightweightlow risk of self-injuryone choice. Functional PREFORMED HAND SPLINTSSPLINT BLANKS position splints wereAliLite Resting Hand Mitt SplintsSoft, lightweight molded foam significantly made from rigid materialsmaking reduces splint weight as well as danger to staff splints hard, sticky, AliLite splintsand patients compared to hard thermoplastics. and uncomfortable.(3 oz. each) Correctly supports arches of hand and thenar web AliLite Splints are the only pretted splintsspace. Maintains MP joints in approximately 80 made of featherweight AliLite. They weighof exion to protect future hand function. just 3 oz.straps and all. Compare that to anHeat-adjustableaverage 12-oz. conventional thermoplasticSizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints. Maintains MP joints in approximately splint. Also, customization is easyall youS, 61 2 "-71 4 "; M, 71 2 "-81 4 "; L, 81 2 "-91 4 ". 80 of flexion to help protect future need is a heat gun and 30 seconds to make hand functionany correction. #5721RESTING HAND MITT SPLINT EASatisfaction guaranteedSpecify size and Left or Right. Use these splints instead of the hard splints you are using now. If youre not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.Functional-position splintsPrincipal use/application:This type of static splint is used to FAX800.437.2966 maintain the hand in a functional position during recovery from paralysis. Functional-position splints are available in many different materials, ranging from high- n Positions MP joints in approximately temperature plastic to moldable foam and50 of flexionremoldable low-temperature thermoplastics. AliLite Functional-Position Splints866.936.2987AliMed.com Primary diagnostic groups include3-oz. solution to protecting the stroke handpatients in early stages of recovery fromin long-term care settings. Made of black AliLite, stroke or head injury, where recovery ofthis tough, durable splint will really surprisevoluntary extension of fingers and wristyou. Color-coded straps form a figure eight for isanticipated. Also used in long-termsignificant support. It offers the shape you trust, management of the paralyzed hand. For thisbut with comfort that isnt possible with type of application, adaptation of the prefittedthermoplastic splints. Holds fingers in partial to Maintains thumb position (using hot water or a heat gun) may befull extension, with MP joints relaxed at about in oppositionnecessary.50 of flexion; maintains thumb in opposition. Contraindications: These splints are not appropriate Heat-adjustablefor patients with significant spasticity affecting wristand fingers. Sizing: S/M fits most Wmn and smaller Men; M/L fits#5179FUNCTIONAL-POSITION SPLINTEAlarger Wmn and most Men. Note: This splint will not fit very large hands or hands with significant edema.Specify size and Left or Right. 136 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'