b'Cast Molds and AccessoriesMATERIALS AND TOOLSAnkle Mid-Leg BermudanObtain a superior foot mold in less n Available in several sizes and than 2 minutes 3 graduated lengthsORTHOTIC CASTING SUPPLIES STS Slipper SocksUltra-fast-setting resinSTS Fitted Polyester Casting SocksKnitted allows you to obtain a superior foot mold withoutwith defined heel and toe area, then impregnated plaster mess in less than two minutes. Can castwith water-curable resin. Three graduated directly over womens nylon hosiery. 10 socks andlengths for custom-molding shoes, boots, and 20 plastic liners/bx. AFOs. Cures in less than five minutes. More Sizing: S fits Wmns shoe 5-61 2 ; M fits Wmns shoe 7-10,accurate than fiberglass rolls. Eliminates wrinkling, Mens shoe 7-9; L fits Wmns shoe 101 2 -12, Mens shoeconforming effectively to foot and ankle. Glass- n Support for distal portion of leg91 2 -111 2 ; XL fits Mens shoe 12-15. smooth finish for CAD/CAM. One cutting stripLegLiftersLimb cradle offers support of distal #65416*SLIPPER SOCKSBX and channel tube per box. 10 socks and 10 plasticportion of leg, reducing low-back strain when #65417VARIETY PACK (1 S, 4 M, 4 L, 1 XL)BX liners/bx. treating patients in wheelchairs. *Specify size. Sizing: Ankle, Mid-Leg: S fits Wmns shoe 4-61 2 ; M fitsAdjusts from 28 12 "- 48"HIncludes carry case3 lbs.Wmns shoe 7-10, Mens shoe 7-9; L fits Wmns shoe101 2 -12, Mens shoe 91 2 -111 2 ; XL fits Mens shoe 12-15. #65427LEGLIFTEREASizing: Bermuda: M fits Wmns shoe 6-101 2 , Mens shoe 6-91 2 ; L fits Wmns shoe 11-12, Mens shoe 10-111 2 ; XL fits Mens shoe 12-15.#65418ANKLEBX#65419MID-LEGBX#65420BERMUDA BXSpecify size. Center slot permits secure application Shop direct fromFAX800.437.2966 Shown withoutour eCatalogs bucket anytime, anywhere!866.936.2987AliMed.comCushion Adult Childn Cushions and stabilizesM-PACT Cast Walking Heels Syntheticn Includes plastic drip bucketrubber with deep curved treads offers cushioningHeight-Adjustable Cast StandsUsed to and stability by allowing regular heel-toe gait.position foot for application of lower leg cast.Center slot permits secure application. Cushion curved surface and tread ensure comfort and12 516 "W x 16"LInfinite adjustments from 12 12 "-21"Hsafety for active patients.Stainless steelIncludes plastic drip bucket15 lbs. #62496CUSHION, 112"W x 434"L12/BX #710011CAST STANDEA AliMed.com/ecatalog#62494ADULT, 214"W x 512"L12/BX#62495CHILD, 134"W x 434"L12/BX192 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'