b'Tennis/Golfer\'s Elbow StrapsSHOULDER AND ELBOWConforming T-Foam padevenly distributes pressuren Helps reduce painful pressure pointsT-StrapTennis Elbow StrapsT-Foam pad compresses n Pneumatic air-filled cell vulnerable muscles and tendons, absorbing shock. Protects andTennis Elbow StrapsPneuma tic, air-filledconforms to every anatomical cell. Hook-and-loop closure. Maxi mum forearmdetail. Fits left or right.circumf erence 15". One size. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure largest aspect of forearm circumference. BlackITEM #SIZE CIRCUMFERENCESTRAP LENGTH#51-058$28.75 ea #5119S 9"-101 2 "157 8 "California residents, see left page. #5120M 101 2 "-12"177 8 "TENNIS/GOLFER\'S ELBOW STRAPS#5121L 12"-131 2 "197 8 "$26.75 ean Reinforced strap California residents, see left page.Tennis ElbowPositioned StrapsRein forced,n Foam padding on forearmpadded straps mold toFREEDOMcomfort Tennis Elbow forearm shape. Hook- Straps offer compression to help relieve and-loop closure. tennis elbow. Foam pad is applied over medial orBeigeFits left or right.lateral side of elbow. Fits left or right. Not made Sizing: Measure largestwith natural rubber latex.aspect of forearmSizing: Measure largest aspect of forearm circumference. circumference.Fits forearms measuring 9"-16". ITEM # SIZE CIRCUMFERENCEPRICE#77786BEIGE$25.75 ea#5623S9"-101 2 "$22.75 ea #77496BLACK$25.75 ea Black#5625M101 2 "-12"$22.75 ea1 California residents, see left page.#5627L12"-13 2 "$22.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n No tourniquet effect;n Adjustable pressure without circumferential forceallows normal blood flow Elbow P.O.P. (Point of Pressure) Splints BandIT ElbowAdjustable soft, foam-lined base sleeve will not slip or roll, eliminating the need to overtighten to Straps exert gentleprevent circumferential restriction. The18 "-thick pressure on extensor,and14 "-thick pressure pads allow the user to FAX800.437.2966supinator, and flexordetermine the amount of pressure needed for muscles to dampenpain relief. Hook receptive corrective strap allows vibration. One size.user to place pressure pads on horizontally or Fits left or right. vertically for targeted support. Fits left or right. #510263BANDIT$35.75 ea Not made with natural rubber latex. #52713S/M$28.00 ea#51026412/cs$263.75 cs($21.98 ea) #52714L/XL$28.00 eaSizing: Measure around forearm just below elbow crease.AliMed.com 800.225.2610California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. S/M, 6"-10"; L/XL, 10"-14". nFreeze pouch for cooling relief nPivoting five-point targeted compressionIMAK RSI TennisErgoBeadsEpiPoint Elbow StrapsPivoting viscoelastic Elbow Bands withPressure Pad five-point pad exerts exact compression on removable ErgoBeadsmuscle-tendon junction to change the pull on Pressure Pad. Freezethe bone tendon attachment site of the radial or pouch for cooling relief.ulnar muscles. Integrated elastic band with D-ring Cushioning foam andfastener features red warning section to prevent cotton lining createover-tightening. One size. Fits left or right. Not made breathable paddedwith natural/rubber latex.support. One size. FitsBand circumference: 83/4"-13"left or right. Not made with natural rubber latex. #67057$45.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.#77848$24.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 149'