b'Postural and Clavicle SupportsThe answer to poor posture!SHOULDER AND ELBOWReduce the effectsShouldersBack Liteof poor posture 3Aligns shoulder, neck, and back musclesPoor posture typically3Retrains muscle memory and postureresults from muscle3Promotes proper breathingweakness, improper3Helps reduce painbody mechanics, age-related changes, or3Virtually invisible under clothesinadequate positioning in a chair or at a workstation. Whatever the cause,ShouldersBack Lite poor posture that isntPostural Supports reinforce addressed can lead tocorrect use of postural muscles andPDACdegeneration of discsallow full ROM. Flexible design offersAPPROVEDPOSTURAL AND CLAVICLE SUPPORTSand damage to muscles,gentle correction of postural muscles, nerves, or connectiveretraining and strengthening these structures. This damagemuscles over time. manifests itself in manyNon-binding, all-elastic straps ways, including chronicwont constrict or irritate skin. New headaches, fatigue, andWithout Support sheer fabric for all-day comfort in neck, shoulder, or back pain.warm seasons or climates. Low-This can be severe and even disabling. Untilprofile design is virtually undetectable now, postural supports intended to addressunder clothing. For optimal comfort, the problem have been stiff, cumbersome,wear over a thin, fitted T-shirt under and restrictive, resulting in poor patientbulkier clothing.tolerance and compliance. Sizing: Measure circumference of rib cage.S fits up to 24", M up to 38", L up to 50".ShouldersBack LiteThe first flexible, low-profile posture support of its kind! SIZEBLACKWHITEShouldersBack Lite provides gentleS#52715#52718but supportive correction of theM#52716#52719upper back and shoulder girdle,L#52717#52720gently retracting the scapulae,$63.00 ea$63.00 eaexternally rotating the humeralBetter postureCalifornia residents, see left page.heads, and extending the thoracicSuggested code: L3650 young or oldspine. The key is that it allows the wearer normal, unrestricted movement while gently reminding the muscles of their proper postural alignment.FrontShouldersBack Lite works FAX800.437.2966by retraining the postural muscles without over-correcting, thus optimizing patient tolerance.With Support Low profile, comfortable Back Back AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Felt-padded with two-way closureClavicle SupportsFoam-padded 1 12 "W web shoulder straps covered with stockinette. Wont impinge on brachial nerve or artery. Large, felt-lined, perforated vinyl back pad distributes weight evenly and reduces irritation. Safe for bathing. Two-way adjustability. Sold individually or 5/pk.Hand-wash, air-drySizing: On uninjured side, measure from midpoint ofCLAVICLE SUPPORTS, 5/PKscapula, around anteriorly under axilla, and back to#510696S$94.00 pk ($18.80 ea) starting point. S, 20"-26"; M, 26"-32"; L, 32"-38"; XL, 38"-44". #510697M$94.00 pk ($18.80 ea)#510588*$28.75 ea #510698L$94.00 pk ($18.80 ea)#510699XL$94.00 pk ($18.80 ea)*Sold individually. Specify size. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 159'