b'NickelPlast : Orthotics MATERIALS AND TOOLS and Socket LinersNickelPlastNickelPlast-LiteNickelPlast-LiteNickelPlast-SNickelPlast X-Firm High-strength, expanded orthotic material with outstanding uniformity,NickelPlast-S NickelPlast can be used for PTB liners,(Self-stick)insoles, foot orthotic postings, and other applications. It is tough and tear-resistant,PHYSICAL PROPERTIESPE-LITE NickelPlast-LiteNickelPlast-SNickelPlast X-Firm and resists bottoming out, offering a resilient, rubbery quality not found inColorWhiteWhite or BlueBalsa, Ivory (Self-stick) Brownsimpler, cross-linked polyethylene materials.ThermoformableYesYesYesYesWhen NickelPlast is heated to 300-350FDurometer, Shore A434234555for a few minutes, it yields easily to complexTensile strength, PSI16620020200250molding and shaping, and shrinks about 15%Elongation %15015020180150when thoroughly heated. Upon cooling, itC-tear PLI202223045NICKELPLAST hardens approximately ve Shore A points.Rebound %202523025Com. deection, 25%, PSI434023550Having three different grades of NickelPlastComp. set, 50%18.51521525on-hand is like having six different materials inSheet size:inches39 x 3937 x 4939 x 4335 x 39 your toolbox! sq. inches1,5211,5841,5801,365NickelPlast-Lite:Superior to PE-LITE NickelPlast-Lite has all the properties of PE-LITE but with enhanced qualityMediumcontrol. Higher polyethylene content offers a smooth surface, great for a socket liner.Heat-moldableSheetsSAVE WITH CASES** THICKNESSW x LITEM #QTYITEM #QTY NOoversize 3 16 " WHITE37" x 49"#4820SH3 16 " BLUE37" x 49"#4821SH#4105410 SH/CSshipping3 8 " BLUE37" x 49"#4823SH#410553 16 5 SH/CSPE-LITE Thermoplastic crepe material#4475FIRM, 39"W x 39"L x" THICKSHcharges!* for foot and stump liners. #4477FIRM, WHITE, 39"W x 39"L x 3 8 " THICKSHNickelPlast-S:Proven in PTB linersNickelPlast-S improves the quality and durability of your PTB inserts. FirmHeat-moldableSheets Customize Patient OrthoticsTHICKNESSW x LITEM #QTYITEM #QTY 1 8 " BALSA39" x 43"#4791SH FAX800.437.2966 3 16 " BALSA39" x 43"#4792SH 1 4 " BALSA39" x 43"#4793SH 3 16 " BALSA51 2 " x 13" AliMed NickelPlast1 8 " IVORY (SELF-STICK)4" x 10"#48106 SH/PK Posting Strips3 16 " IVORY (SELF-STICK)4" x 10"#48114 SH/PK 866.936.2987AliMed.com Ideal for any type of orthotic posting: rear foot, forefoot, medial, NickelPlast X-Firm:Tougher than crepeor lateral, p. 201 So tough you can outsole heavy-duty shoes. Resists compression. Can be usedX-Firmfor AK and BK socket liners and biomechanical corrections on foot orthoses.Heat-moldableSheetsSAVE WITH CASES** THICKNESSW x LITEM #QTYITEM #QTY 1 8 " BROWN35" x 39"#4801SH#410598 SH/CS AliMed PPT Self-Adhesive3 16 " BROWN35" x 39"#4802SH Components1 4 " BROWN35" x 39"#4803SH#410615 SH/CS Available in a variety 3 8 " BROWN35" x 39"#4804SH of shapes and sizes that adhere 1 2 " BROWN35" x 39"#4805SH quickly to other materials, p. 16 *Standard ground shipping only. Large volumes may require additional freight charges. **Cases contain sheets of one size only. Additional shipping charges may apply.198 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'