b'Wound Care Shoes FOOT AND ANKLE Tailor pressure relief with removable hexagon inserts PDACAPPROVEDClosedOpen Toe Toe Four multi- Removable densitytoe piece Use with insoles PegAssist below , n Four insole layers for customizationand precise, targeted off-loading n Removable hexagons for n Clinically proven to reduce heel WOUND CARE SHOES WCS Wound Care Shoe System is thetailored pressure relief pressureproduct of choice when dealing with WagnerDH Off-Loading Post-Op ShoesRemovableHeelWedge Healing ShoesClinically proven Grade 3 or greater ulcerations. Use Closed Toehexagons on ssurs patented Active Offloadingto offload pressure from heel by over 26% model for Wagner Grade 2 or greater ulcerations.Insole allow tailored pressure relief. Managesby shifting weight to the mid and forefoot to Four multi-density insoles allow for the ultimate inplantar pressure and reduces shear forces. Extra-promote faster healing after surgery, trauma, or customization and precisely targeted off-loading.soft nylon upper with reinforced heel counterwhen forefoot wounds or ulcerations are present. Ultra-soft Plastazote lining provides a virtuallyadds comfort and stability. Accommodates bulkySquare toe acts as bumper to protect toes. friction-free contact surface that wont exacerbatedressings. Removable toe piece aides in woundRemovable forefoot closure eliminates buckle existing wounds. Genuine leather upper can beaccessibility. Rocker-bottom sole. Hook-and-looppressure. Zoned outsole with aggressive tread modified or cut away to provide even greater levelsclosure. Fits left or right.under midfoot for traction. Modifiable EVA insole of pressure relief (Open Toe only). Sold in pairs1 2 1 2 has twice the padding of standard insoles. Fits Sizing: S, Wmns 6-8, Mens 4-6; M, Wmns 9-11, Mens to eliminate discrepancies in shoe height and the1 16 2 -8 2 ; L, Wmns 12+, Mens 9-11; XL, Wmns 13+, Mensleft or right. potential associated knee and hip pain.111 2 -14. 1 2 Sizing: XS, Wmns 4-7; S, Wmns 7-10, Mens 6-8; M, Sizing: XS, Wmns 4-51 2 ; S, Wmns 6-81 2 , Mens 6-71 2 ; S/M,1 2 1 21 21 1 1 1 #61168S EA Wmns 10 -13, Mens 8-10; L, Mens 10 -12; XL, Mens Wmns 9-92 , Mens 8-82 ; M, Wmns 10-102 , Mens 9-92 ; 121 2 -14.L, Wmns 11-121 2 , Mens 10-111 2 ; XL, Wmns 13-141 2 , #61169M EAMens 12-131 2 ; XXL, Wmns 15-171 2 , Mens 14-16.#61171L EA #64684HEALING SHOEEA#63217OPEN TOEPR #62865XLEA Specify size.#66752CLOSED TOEPR Suggested code: L3260Specify size.Combine MedSurg DUO and PegAssist System for an economical offloading solutionToe coverFAX800.437.2966866.936.2987AliMed.com Five SizeSeven Size System SystemnUp to 40% pressure reduction over standardn Removable pegs for post-op shoes spot pressure reliefMedSurg DUO features a lightweight, durable EVA solePegAssist SystemMultipurpose removable peg insole combines Plastazote and that lasts four times longer, providing better shock absorptionPORON Cushioning to effectively offload plantar aspect of foot. Includes removable toe and up to 40% pressure reduction compared to standardcover ( #64937only) and single-use marking compound. Five Size model works with square-post-op shoes. Soft, adjustable ankle strap with dual buckletoe shoes like the OrthoWedge (p. 31), APB Shoe (p. 28) or MedSurg DUO (left). Seven is padded for comfort and can be switched from left toSize model works with the MedSurg Shoe (p. 29).right side. Fits left or right. Compatible with the DARCOSizing: Five Size System: XS, Wmns less than 5; S, Wmns 5-71 2 , Mens 4-51 2 ; M, Wmns 8-10, Mens 6-81 2 ; PegAssist System ( #65397 , see right).L, Wmns 101 2 +, Mens 9-11; XL, Mens 11+. Seven Size System: S, Wmns 4-6, Mens 6-8; M, Wmns 61 2 -8, Sizing: XS, Wmns 5 and under; S, Wmns 5-8; M, Wmns 8-10, MensMens 81 2 -10; L, Wmns 81 2 -10, Mens 101 2 -12; XL, Mens 121 2 -14. 6-8; L, Wmns 10-13, Mens 8-11; XL, Wmns 13+, Mens 11-14. #65397*FIVE SIZE SYSTEM EA#67048MEDSURG DUO EA #64937**SEVEN SIZE SYSTEM EASpecify size.*Specify size. **Specify Wmns or Mens and size. 30 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'