b'FOOT AND ANKLEn Dynamic flex action suppliescontinuous counterforceC. MPO 2000 floats the heel to eliminateMPO 2000 pressure and/or friction, enhancing circulationpedi PDACto aid in healing. Dynamic flex action suppliessizes APPROVEDcontinuous counterforce to plantar surface ofSizing: Measure from heel to toe. Youth, 6"-7" (max. calf foot, assisting in correction of footdrop, foot/ankle circumference: 13"); S, 7"-8" (max. calf circumference: contracture, and deformity. Breathable foam liner15"); M, 8"-9" (max. calf circumference: 17"); L, 9"-10" wicks moisture while maintaining skin integrity.(max. calf circumference: 17"); XL, 10"-11" (max calf Adjustable toe post keeps pressure off toes andcircumference: 19"); XXL, 11"-121/2" (max. calf can be positioned to the side for lateral/malleolarcircumference: 19").ulcers. Includes rotator bar and nonskid transfer#66438MPO 2000EAattachment. MPO 2000 Active provides all the#66439*MPO 2000 ACTIVEEAsame attributes as the MPO 2000 but with a low- Specify size. profile, removable ambulatory attachment, which*Not available in XXL or Youth sizes. MPO 2000 ActiveANKLE CONTRACTURE BOOTSattaches with a simple twist and lock motionSuggested code: L4936MPO 2000, L4942MPO Activeno tools needed.PDAC pedin Available with soft antimicrobial cover APPROVED sizesE. Standard and Ambulating ContractureAdult Headliner Boots elevate the heel by contours in the bootsAmbulating Bootshell. Cushioned cover protects heel, wicking Shown with Ambulation Pad moisture from skin to maintain skin integrity. Boot frame resists plantarflexion while providing a dynamic push to extension for correction of footdrop, foot-ankle contractures, and deformity. Adjustable toe post relieves pressure on toes and adjusts to accommodate variation in foot sizes. Anti-rotation bar is hidden under fleece cover. Ambulating Boot has nonslip rubber surface sole for transfers and limited ambulation. ADULTBoth Adult models available with Fleece-lined#64734FLEECE-LINED STANDARD EAcover or removable Headliner cover treated with#64733FLEECE-LINED AMBULATINGEAantimicrobial surface protection to shield against#66742HEADLINER STANDARD EAmold, mildew, stains, bacteria, fungus, and algae. #66743HEADLINER AMBULATINGEASizing: Adult: One size fits foot lengths 8"-13", calf circ. PEDIATRIC12"-16", and foot widths A to EE. Heel to top back of boot#66886FLEECE-LINED STANDARD EAn Adjustable external strapsmeasures 111/2". Pediatric: One size fits foot lengths 5"-8"#66887FLEECE-LINED AMBULATING EAFAX800.437.2966and calf circ. up to 11". Heel to top back of boot measures control dorsiflexion 7". Fits shoe size Childs 51/2 to Youth 3. Suggested code: L4396 D. Multi-Podus Contracture AFOs with Adjustable Strap keep heel in floating position to prevent pressure areas while anti-rotation barn Synthetic sheepskin linercontrols hip and leg rotation. Adjustable dorsiflexionF. Multi Podus Ankle Contracture straps prevent plantarflexion, and ankle strapAliMed.com 866.936.2987secures to prevent ankle flexion. Adjustable toe postSystems apply 10-25 lbs. of counterforce to plantar accommodates all foot sizes. Antimicrobial surfacefoot surface. Lightweight Kydex shell. Washable, protector shields against mold, mildew, stains,synthetic sheepskin liner. Transfer attachment not bacteria, fungus, and algae. Removable, machine- included.washable, non-fleece headliner cover. Extender kit toSizing: Adult, measure from heel to toe. S, 7"-8" (max. calf accommodate wider or edematous feet. Model withcircumference: 16"); M, 8"-9" (max. calf circumference: 16"); Ambulation Pad includes removable, soft, nonslipL, 9"-10" (max. calf circumference: 18"); XL, 10"-11" (max. calf circumference: 20"). Pediatric, measure the length ofAdult Includes toe cap andrubber surface sole. Fits left or right. foot. Toddler 31 2 "-41 2 "; Child 41 2 "-6"; Youth 61/2"-9". anti-rotation bar; transfer Sizing: Foot length universal (8"-13"approx. up to Mensattachment not included16 shoe size); calf circ. up to 16". #62381SEA#62382MEA#67050MULTI-PODUS CONTRACTURE AFOEA #62383LEA#67049w/AMBULATION PAD EA #62384XLEA PDAC pediAPPROVED sizes#65362*PEDIATRICEA*Specify Toddler, Child, or Youth. Suggested code: L4396LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 45'