b'Progressive splints adjust to maximize gainsFOOT AND ANKLEWhen muscles relax,Allows foot returns tonormal foot D2 PF Night Splints treat plantardorsiflexed position flexion during fasciitis pain, but with a big difference!sleepTraditional night splints place the users foot in a 90 position and require them to tolerate thisArticulating shell and aggressive stretch for the entire night. This oftenadjustable tension bandresults in removal or discontinued use as the user becomes uncomfortable maintaining thisPDACposition. AliMed recognized these night splintAPPROVEDcompliance issues and worked with clinicians to develop a solution to succeed where other night splints fail. Learn more about the D2 difference below. Fits left or right.Sizing: M, Wmns shoe size 6-91 2 , Mens 5-81 2 ; L, Wmns 10-15, Mens 9-14. Dynamic stretch DORSAL NIGHT SPLINTSof plantar fascia#65341M$117.75 ea#65342L$117.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Suggested code: L4397Patent #7,918,813 The D2 DifferenceFreedom of movement Quick, easy adjustment Greater comfortRather than using aFull In seconds,The D2s dorsal shell and fixed shell, the D2 PFdorsiflexion patients can adjustsoft bottom promote Night Splint uses aUp tothe amount ofgreater comfort and safety pivoting dorsal shell-10 stretch to ensure awhile walking, allowing and dynamic cord tocomfort level thatit to be worn both during help gently stretchallows all-nightthe day and at night to the plantar fascia andFull wear. Multiplemaximize gains and help calf musculature.plantarflexion cord hooks permitspeed recovery. Padded The pivoting shellUp toeasy adjustmentterrycloth liner wicks and dynamic cord+25 of cord tension,moisture, promoting dry allow some normalallowing a moreskin and limiting heat plantarflexion of the gradual stretch andbuildup to keep the skin foot during sleep, and return foot to a dorsiflexedprogression as tolerance increases. Cordcool. Plush neoprene straps contour to foot and position when the muscles relax. This freedom ofhooks are numbered, allowing patient tocalf for the perfect fit. movement is the key to comfort and compliance! easily gauge progress.FAX800.437.2966Daytime compression and nighttime support AliMed.com 800.225.2610Nice Stretch Total Solution Plantar Fasciitis Kit gives 24-hour support and pain relief for ankle, arch, and heel. Plantar FasciitisDaytime Sleeve provides daytime compression withPlantar X-Stretch technology distributing pressureFasciitis Sleeveacross foot. X-Lite Night Splint holds foot in a comfortable, neutral position, gently stretching plantar fascia and Achilles tendon.Sleeve: antibacterial, odor-resistant bamboo charcoal materialWashableSizing: S/M, up to Wmns 6, Mens 5; L/XL, Wmns 6+, Mens 5+.#67046S/M$45.00 ea Nighttime #67047L/XL$45.00 ea X-Lite Night California residents, see left page.Splint45'