b'Functional Knee Orthoses KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHPDACAPPROVEDFUNCTIONAL KNEE ORTHOSESLightweight carbon fiber bracen Rigid exoskeleton captures tibia fornLightweight, low-impact activities n Suitable for low-to-high impact total support of knee joint ExoTec Dual Instabilities Lite KneeactivitiesCTi OTS Knee BracesWith anatomicallyBraces offer light ligamentous support during low- Rebound DUAL Knee Braces deliver correct Accutrac hinges and flexible cuffs andimpact activities. Lightweight, black powder-coatedfunctional support for ligament instabilitiesbuckles, the CTi carbon frame provides a rigidalloy frame and aluminum uprights and bandsincluding ligament instability with osteoarthritis exoskeleton that stabilizes knee joint. Flexiblewith molded liners and patented motion hingesin a single, versatile, aluminum brace. Suitable subshell and Adjustable Tibial Strap capturefor support. VELCRO-brand closure for easyfor low-to-high impact activities as well as sliding tibia and allow adjustments in hinge depth forapplication. Hyperextension control from 0-25. sports. Polycentric hinge for stability, durability, and customized fit. Breathable liners coated withSizing: Measure circumference 7" above top of kneecap. low-profile design. Adjustable tibia strap captures Sensil Silicone ensure CTi remains properly#62203LEFTEAtibia for optimal stability. Aluminum frame, slide-positioned for optimal functional benefit. For ACL,to-size upper frame can be adjusted from 121/2" MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary, and combined instabilities.#62204RIGHTEA to 14" to suit patients height and help ensure the Sizing: Measure circumference just below distal border ofSpecify size, see chart below.perfect fit. Also can be adjusted for varus/valgus the patella. Standard caliper (not included) measurementalignment. Simple strapping system for easy M/L at joint width in a standard weight-bearing position. SIZETHIGH donning and doffing. Breathable ActiveGrip calf S, 11"-133 8 ", caliper 31 2 "-4"; M, 133 8 "-15", caliper 4"-41 2 ";S17"-19" (43-48 cm) liner is breathable with anti-migration capabilities. L, 15"-161 8 ", caliper 41 2 "-5"; XL, 161 8 "-173 8 ", caliperM19"-21" (48-53 cm)5"-51 2 "; XXL, 173 8 "-187 8 ", caliper 51 2 "-6". L21"-23" (53-58 cm) Sizing: Measure thigh circ. 6" above midpatella. Caliper (not included) measurement M/L at joint width in a #66655w/o PCLEA XL23"-25" (58-63 cm) standard weight-bearing position. XS, 15"-1612", caliper #66656w/PCLEA 3"-312"; S, 1612"-1812", caliper 312"-4"; M, 1812"-2012", Specify size and Left or Right.caliper 4"-412"; L, 2012"-2212", caliper 412"-5"; XL, 2212"-2412", caliper 5"-512"; XXL, 2412"-2712", caliper 512"-6"; FAX800.437.2966 3XL, 2712"-30", caliper 6"-612".#66974DUAL KNEE BRACEEASpecify size and Left or Right. Thigh support Suggested code: K0902 or L1845866.936.2987AliMed.com n Neoprene maintains warmthNeoprene Thigh Supports allow individuals to continueJoin our athletic activities while treating quadriceps or hamstring pulls and strains. Low-profile design will not restrict an individual\'semail list!normal range of motion. Neoprene support offers warmth and compression while promoting healing. Best use is on thigh just above knee. Fits left or right. Blue.Sizing: Measure circumference at middle of thigh: Small fits 19"-20"; Medium fits 20"-22"; Large fits 22"-25"; X-Large fits 25"-28". Stay up to date on#66300NEOPRENE THIGH SUPPORTEA new catalogs, product Specify S, M, L, or XL.Suggested code: A4465 promos, and more!AliMed.com/signup82 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'