b'Post-Op Knee Orthoses KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHEasily converts to a rehabilitation knee bracePin Hinge Fast Set Hinge n Breathable open-cell material thats cooler than neopreneFREEDOM Hinged Extended-Length POST-OP KNEE ORTHOSES Knee Orthoses17"L knee sleeve indicated n Telescoping uprights adjust from 2012"-28" for arthritis, ACL/PCL and medial/lateral collateral instabilities, and pre- and post-op management. FREEDOM comfort Post-Op Knee BracesROM Pin Hinge adjusts from 0-120 flexion, 0-80Comfortable, breathable open-cell material provides can be used pre- or post-op for immobilizationextension in 10 incrementsROM Fast Set Hingethe support and compression of neoprene without and to control ROM. Telescoping bilateral uprightsadjusts from 0-120 flexion, 0-90 extension in 15the warmth, and open patella aids with positioning can be adjusted with the push of a button from 20 12 "incrementsBlack and comfort. Two upper and two lower to 28". Can be easily converted into a rehabilitationSizing: Telescoping uprights adjust from 201 2 "-28"; 161 2 "Lcircumferential straps enable controlled knee brace (16 12 "L) using removable uprights. Fourwhen converted to rehab brace. Max thigh circumferencecompression. Internal anti-migration strips reduce terry padded foam cuffs and foam condyle pads for a24", max calf circumference 161 2 ".slipping, keeping the brace properly positioned. breathable, comfortable fit. Hook-and-loop straps help#66755w/PIN HINGE EA ROM hinges can limit flexion/extension or allow for ease application. Available with ROM Pin Hinge or#66756w/FAST SET HINGE EA full range of motion. Full wraparound closure for Fast Set Hinge, enabling clinician to set limits oneasy donning.flexion and extension. Requires fitting by physician orHand wash, air dryBlackmedical professional. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with leg extended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16"; XL, 16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22".#66894EXTENDED-LENGTH KNEE ORTHOSISEASpecify size. CoolFull Universal UniversalCool FullFAX800.437.2966n Breakaway struts offer tool-free length adjustmentn Numbered frame for patient ease-of-use Formfit Post-Op Knee Braces provide ROM 866.936.2987AliMed.com Rebound Post-Op Knee Braces featurecontrol and immobilization following injury or surgery. Breakaway struts for easy, tool-free length tool-free design and multipurpose Smart-Fitadjustment. OneTouch ROM hinge with lock-packaging to aid in proper brace positioning andout capability from -10 to 30 (10 incremental)fit. Color-coded, numbered frame for easy patientcan be adjusted with simple pull, rotate, and education. Lock-out ROM pull tabs give -10 to 120release motion. Extension control from -10 to of ROM control, with OneTouch drop-lock hinge90 and flexion control from 0 to 120, each innEasy-to-use, fixed-height modelfrom -10 to 30. Telescoping frame adjusts from10 increments. Cool model has padded straps 181/2"-271/2". Quick-fit buckle. Anti-migration systemfor improved breathability. Full model featuresUniversal ROM Post-Op Knee Braceswrap ensures secure suspension. Cool model hasextended liner for warmth. Fits left or right. Medial and lateral side supports with pin padded straps for improved breathability. Full modelhinges immobilize and allow adjustable range of features extended liner for warmth. Fits left or right. Sizing: Measure thigh circumference 6" above midpatella. Regular, up to 27"; XL, 27"-35". motion. Laminated soft foam contours to the leg Sizing: Measure thigh circumference 6" above midpatella.for additional comfort. Extension stops can be set Universal, 16"-32"; Universal XL, 16"-38".SIZECOOLFULLQTY at 0 to 75 in 15 increments. Flexion stops can #67073COOL UNIVERSALEA 24"L28"L24"L28"L be set at 0 to 120 in 15 increments. 22"L. Fits #67074COOL UNIVERSAL XLEA REG.#67065#67067#67069#67071EA left or right.#67075FULL UNIVERSALEA XL#67066#67068#67070#67072EA #66987ROM POST-OP KNEE BRACE EA#67076FULL UNIVERSAL XLEA Additional shipping charges may apply. 84 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'