b'Four levelsdesigned for the perfect fit and supportAliCorkHalf Sole OrthoticsnModify and use as a component in 34 -lengthmore complex orthoticswont crampFirmest member of the FREEDOM Half Sole toe box Fifthfamily with the rubbery feel of cork. Heat-metatarsalmoldable, heat-adjustable thermoplastic cork Moderaterelief composite that is often posted and topped longitudinalwith a sheepskin skiver in the office. Modify arch ContouredAliCork by gluing, grinding, drilling, or heating. heel cup AliCork insoles are generally used as a component in more elaborate orthoses.Approximately 300-lb. capacityUse as is, with modifications, or as part of a custom orthoticDifferent feet have different needs. Thats why over 20 years ago we developed our line ofHalf Sole Orthotics, allowing you to match the appropriate cushioning and support to your AliCork individual patients. Made from high-quality materials and built to last, these insoles share is easily modified common anatomical features, such as a contoured heel cup to cradle and stabilize the heel, ashown with a 5 moderate longitudinal arch, mild metatarsal pad, and sculpted relief at the base of the fifth metatarsal. Ourlateral posting wedge unique combination of materials offers different levels of functional control right out of the box and, ifto control supinationnecessary, can be easily adapted for an individualized fit. Half Soles, like the Accommodator, can be FAX800.437.2966 Select Level of Support and Cushioningused off the shelf for everyday relief of heel pain like plantar fasciitis; the BFO solves many basic foot problems and accepts glued modifications well; while the XPE or AliCork can be incorporated into custom orthotics. Sizing: See chart at left. SIZE #ITEM #QTY 0#60170PR866.936.2987AliMed.com Support Cushion Base Modifiable Posted1#60171 PRAliCorkMaximumMinimalRigid 3 - 2#60172PRXPEMaximumMinimalSemirigid3 3 3#60173PRBFOModerateModerateFirm33 4#60174PRAccommodatorMinimalMaximumFirm 5#60175PR6#60176PR7#60177PRHalf Sole Sizing Chart 8 SIZE #SIZESSIZE #SIZES 90CHILD: 2"W x 51 2 "L6W 12M 11-12101W 5-67W 13M 12-13 2W 6-8M 7-8 8 M 13-14 3W 8-91 2 M 8-99M 14-15 4W 10M 9-101 2 10M 15-16 5W 11M 101 2 -11 6 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'