b'Preformed Hand SplintsWRIST AND HAND Easy molding and custom fit with Splint BlanksThermoplastic Splint Blanks are made of Multiform Plastic and come pre-cut, saving fabrication time. Just immerse in water, mold, and fit! Shown after molding Shown after moldingUlnar Gutter Wrist Splint Blanks mold to control ulnar deviation.Resting Pan Mitt Splint Blanks mold to position the wrist in neutral Protects wrist on volar and dorsal surfaces. Use as a static base forwith fingers in partial flexion. Fits left or right.PREFORMED HAND SPLINTS outriggers, etc. Fits left or right. #5638M 3/PK#51-131S/M3/PK #5639L 3/PK#51-223M/L 3/PK #51-101STRAP KIT KIT Protects skinMoleskinSoft, thick flannel with adhesive-backed, brushed cotton cloth that protects exposed skin against painful blisters, calluses, and hot spots. Fabric is woven Ball Splints use a reflex-inhibiting position to control spasticity and sheared to create a short, and tone. Adjustable thermoplastic. Straps included. soft pile. Dispenser box keeps unused product clean and Heat-adjustable thermoplastic accessible. Not made with Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.natural rubber latex.S, 61 2 -71 4 ; M, 71 2 -81 4 ; L, 81 2 -91 4 . 9"W x 4 yds L 116 " thickTan#5375SM.LEFTEA #5379MED.RIGHTEA #4881MOLESKINRL#5378SM.RIGHTEA #5377LG.LEFTEA#5376MED.LEFTEA #5388LG.RIGHTEASee more Splint Padding,pp. 210, 211FAX800.437.2966866.936.2987AliMed.com138 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'