b'Lumbosacral and TLSO SupportsThoracic, lumbar, andnStability of semirigid, PDACSPINE AND PELVISsacral support comfort of soft support APPROVEDTrulife XXI LSOsSemirigid back supports with posterior stainless steel stays offer stability of traditional LSOs with premium comfort and compliance of a soft support. Breathable fabric conforms to any body type. Lacing system gives additional intrawear-abdominal compression whileA. Short Lumbosacralallowing easy adjustment by patient.Sizing: Measure hip circumference. S, 291/2"-333 8 "; M, 333 8 "-373 8 "; L, 373 8 "-411 4 "; XL, 391 4 "-431 4 "; XXL, 431 4 "-471 4 ".A. Short LumbosacralFront closure. Use for short torsos or when prescription specifies a Moldable Insert narrower back support due to location of injuries.nOptional Molded Insert forFront, 8"HBack, 11"HLUMBOSACRAL AND TLSO SUPPORTSextra support #64604*$117.75 ea B.LumbosacralL-T Back Supports for lumbar and thoracicCalifornia residents, see left page.support. Beneficial for those with osteoporosisB. Lumbosacral SupportFront closure. Use or arthritis. Moldable Insert (sold separately)for average torsos or when prescription specifies gives extra support. Contoured top and bottoma higher back support due to location of injuries.in front for comfort. Adjustable, crisscrossingFront, 10"HBack, 13"H abdominal straps and padded shoulder straps. 20"H at spineHeat-moldable #64605*$138.75 ea#60718L-T SUPPORT$205.75 ea California residents, see left page. C. Pendulous D. Thoracolumbar#64070MOLDABLE INSERT$77.75 ea C. Pendulous LumbosacralSide closure. Specify size. California residents, see left page. Lifts pendulous abdomens to reduce stress onD. ThoracolumbarFront closure. Indicated for spine. For obese body types. patients with injuries at, or extending to, thoracicSIZEWAISTSIZEWAIST Front, 12"HBack, 13"Hlevel. Elastic shoulder straps pull shoulders back S24"-30"L40"-46" and remind patient to maintain proper posture.#64606*$150.00 eaM32"-38"XL48"-54"California residents, see left page. Front, 8"HBack, 20"H*Specify size. #64607*$187.75 eaSuggested code: L0625 California residents, see left page.LSOTLSO model modelStandardPendulous Front panel Front panelFAX800.437.2966Side viewLower cinch straps adjust level nTrimmable foam shell, frame nof supportAliMed.com 800.225.2610contours without toolsTrulife FAST-WRAP ThoracolumbarLSOs and TLSOs stabilize spine and SupportsNylon and polyurethane supportaid in relief of back pain. Rigid aluminumSizing: Measure hip circumference. S, 30"-33"; M, 34"-37"; for compression and stabilization of thechairback frame is enclosed in a thermo-moldedL, 38"-43"; XL, 44"-48"; XXL, 49"-52".thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and abdominalfirm polyethylene foam shell with soft foam#66142LSO w/STANDARD FRONT$310.75 earegions. Padded, adjustable shoulder strapsinterface lining. Hook-and-loop closures allow easy#66143LSO w/PENDULOUS FRONT$328.75 eafor comfort and fit. Lower cinch straps adjustadjustability. Foam shell can be trimmed with#66144TLSO w/STANDARD FRONT$389.00 ealevel of support. Contoured, posterior 17" steelscissors. Aluminum frame can be contoured to#66145TLSO w/PENDULOUS FRONT$410.75 eastays provide additional support. patient without tools. Modular front panel offers 7"H front, 21"H backHand-washablemust removeoption of either Standard or Pendulous front.Specify size. Additional shipping charges may apply. staysTan California residents, see left page.Sizing: Measure hip circ. S, 32"-36"; M, 38"-42";L, 44"-48"; XL, 50"-52"; XXL, 54"-56".#52686$95.00 eaSpecify size. California residents, see left page. Specialty Spinal Bracesp. 170164 165'