b'Abdominal SupportsSpecialty Supports SPINE AND PELVISSpecialty Supports n Moldable lordosis insertMother-To-Be Moldable Back and Abdominal SupportsCombination of custom-molded insert and maternity belt. Stabilizes and supports lordotic curve. Moldable insert fits snugly against lordosis. Heat insert in hot water to mold. Includes belt and insert. Mother-To-Be II is best for those who dont require additional support of moldable insert.Belt only, no insert.Heat-moldableSizing: Properly t, a support will t through term. Initial sizing is approximate. Med. fits 50% of women. ITEMDRESS SIZE SIZEBEFORE PREGNANCYABDOMINAL SUPPORTSSPECIALTY SUPPORTSn Bilateral truss S3-8Hernia AidsAdjustable, form-fitting herniaM9-14belt for symptomatic relief from reducibleL15-18inguinal hernia. Two fully adjustable contouredXL19-21foam supporti ng pads allow precise positioning.XXL22-26Can also be worn as a single support on the right#6981MOTHER-TO-BEEAor left side. Pads retain hernia without putting#60719 MOTHER-TO-BE IIEApressure on lower abdomen. Sturdy elasticSpecify size.waistband with hook-and-loop closure. White.Sizing: Measure waist circumference. S, 30"-35";M, 35"-41"; L, 41"-46"; XL, 46"-52".#65361HERNIA AIDEASpecify size.Moderate Front ModerateUltimate Back BackUltimate Frontn Pregnancy back pain reliefModerate Support Belt: Back height 6", front height 3 12 "Embrace Moderate and Ultimate Ultimate Support Belt: Back height 8", front height 6"Support Maternity Belts provide moderate FAX800.437.2966and maximum abdominal and lumbar supportSizing: Measure hip circumference. S, 34"-40"; M, 38"-44"; n Support for rib injuries for back pain associated with pregnancy. EvenlyL, 42"-48"; XL, 46"-52"; XXL, 50"-56".transfers the weight of the abdomen to the#52534MODERATE SUPPORTEAThoracic Rib BeltsContact closure.spine. Contoured front abdomen. Made of cotton,#53535*ULTIMATE SUPPORTEAUniversal belt adjusts from 24"-50". One size.polyester, and rubber for comfort. Specify size. *Not available in XXL.Not made with natural rubber latex. 6"H elasticPile/foamAliMed.com 866.936.2987#63238THORACIC RIB BELTEASpecify Wmns or Mens.n Lumbar and abdominal support Bariatric Support Plus Obesity Belts for lumbar andsupportabdominal support. Lifting support while abdomen is contained. Heat-moldable posterior insert maintains normal lordosis and evenly transfers load to spine. Premium elastic and hook-and-loop belt. Heat insert in hot water to mold.HyperextensionHeat-moldableBraces Sizing: Measure waist circumference.p. 166 #674845"-55" GIRTHEA#675755"-65" GIRTHEA#675865"-75" GIRTHEALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 165'