b'Hinged Knee Braces KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHPDACPolycentric adjustable hinges APPROVEDn Adjustable hinges keep knee securenAdjustable range of motion GenuTrain S and S Pro Knee BracesKnee Braces w/MultiLock Polycentric Hinges Breathable, stretchable knit has lightweight, Neoprene support offers firm compression and warmththermo-moldable medial/lateral sidebars. HINGED KNEE BRACES to help relieve pain. Bilateral plastic ROM hinges adjust fromViscoelastic insert around patella provides 0 to 90 in 15 increments. Wraparound style allows forintermittent massage to help reduce pain and easy application. Fits left or right. swelling and improve mobility. S Pro model features hinges that can be restricted at 30, 60, Sizing: Measure circumference at midpatella. S, 12"-1312";or 90 flexion and 20 extension.M, 1312"-15"; L, 15"-1612"; XL, 1612"-18".#66299KNEE BRACE EA #66972GENUTRAIN SEASpecify size. #66684*GENUTRAIN S PROEASpecify size and Left or Right, and Black, Nature, or Titanium (see p. 78 for swatches). *Suggested code: L1832/L1833 (Genutrain S Pro) SIZELOOSE CIRCUMFERENCE (IN INCHES)4 34 " BELOW KNEE5 12 " ABOVE KNEE111"-121 4 "15"-161 4 "2121 4 "-131 2 "161 4 "-171 4 "3131 2 "-141 2 "171 4 "-181 2 "4141 2 "-153 4 "181 2 "-193 4 "New and5153 4 "-17"193 4 "-203 4 "improved 617"-18"203 4 "-22"PDAC PDACAPPROVED APPROVEDnWraparound or sleeven Breathable, antimicrobial fabricnPadded U-shaped buttress aids inRebound ROM KneeBracesBreathable, 3-layer FAX800.437.2966 keeps skin cool tracking Cooltech fabric reducesHg80 Premium Hinged Knee Braces Palumbo Universal Knee Braces withheat retention and dries Made with HydraCinn fabric, a non-neoprene,Metal UprightsMetal hinged uprights withquickly. Stretches in lightweight, moisture-wicking material witha hyperextension stop at 0 offer increased extension and relaxes antimicrobial barrier; and redesigned, bilateral steelvarus-valgus support for knee instability. Heavy "back to its natural shape springs to support both sides of the knee whileneoprene gives extra support, and the nonstretchin flexion, minimizing providing increased performance. High-strength2"W compression straps offer added stability andpopliteal bunching that 866.936.2987AliMed.com stitching ensures a comfortable, long-lasting fit.prevent migration. Inferior patellar buttress padcauses skin irritation. Improved hourglass shape hugs natural curves ofaids in treatment of minor tracking problems. FitsRemovable, universalLong Sleeve Long Wrapknee, while new comfort zone reduces bunchingleft or right. patellar buttress allows in back of knee during active motion. Upper andSizing: Measure circumference 3" above and belowcustomization. Dual lower cruciate straps fine-tune lower strapping locks brace in position. Uppermidpatella. control of the anterior-posterior hinge placement bidirectional stretch material is form-fitting andMIDPATELLA and cinch the brace above the gastroc to reduce fully adjustable, with anti-slip inner grip strips that SIZEABOVEBELOW migration. Reversible strapping can be set up to prevent brace migration. Tibial containment systempull laterally-to-medially, medially-to-laterally, or with stabilizing patellar buttress and rear supportXS10"-1134"81 2 "-10" a combination of both. Extension stops at 0, 5, strap. Open knee with gel supports for stability. FitsS1134"-1312"10"-111 2 " 10, 20, 30, and 40. Flexion stops at 45, 60, left or right. S/M1312"-1514"111 2 "-13" 75, and 90. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure circumference of knee at center of joint.M1514"-17"13"-141 2 " Sizing: Measure 6" above midpatella. XS, 13"-1512";S, 12"-14"; M, 14"-16"; L, 16"-18"; XL, 18"-20". M/L17"-19"141 2 "-16" S, 1512"-1812"; M, 1812"-21"; L, 21"-2312"; XL, 2312"-2612"; #66771PREMIUM HINGED KNEE BRACE EA L19"-21"16"-1712" XXL, 2612"-2912"; 3XL, 2912"-32".Specify size. XL21"-2312"1712"-19" #66535LONG SLEEVEEASuggested code: L1812 #62145KNEE BRACE W/METAL UPRIGHTS EA #66536LONG WRAPEASpecify size. Specify size.Suggested code: L183280 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'