b'Hand/Thumb OrthosesNEW MODELS PEDIATRIC ORTHOSES AND COVER OPTIONS!Comfyprene cover Custom fit withTerrycloth covershown in Light Blueshown in Turquoise PDACno tools or heat guns APPROVEDAliMed now offers the complete line of Comfyn Added thumb supportPediatric Contracture Management Orthoses with many new models and cover options forHand/Thumb Orthoses with adjustable thumb Knee (pp. 178, 179), Elbow (pp. 179-181), andpost support thumb without stretching the thenar Hand/Wrist/Thumb (pp. 182-185).eminence. Available with removable TerryclothTerrycloth cover All models provide customizable support forcover Color-Coded by size or in new Navy option, gradual extension of nonfixed contractures,or nonremovable Comfyprene cover. Optionalshown in new NavyHAND/THUMB ORTHOSES featuring adjustable metal frames that bend toFinger Separator, sold separately on p. 185.fit without heat or additional toolsall properly TERRYCLOTH COVERCOMFYPRENE COVERsized for a childs anatomy! All models fit left or right unless indicated.SIZECOLOR-CODED*NAVY #52159COMFYPRENE COVEREAS#52953EA#52956EA Specify size (see chart below) and Dark Blue orAll Orthoseschoose your cover M#52952EA#52955EA Light Blue.TerryclothSoft, removable, and machine- L#52951EA#52954EA Suggested code: L3807/L3809washable with thicker foam padding.*Color-coded by size, see chart below. DriRelease fabric embedded with FreshguardSuggested code: L3807/L3809to help absorb moisture and neutralize odors. All pediatric Terrycloth options are color-coded by size. Some models available in new Navy option for all sizes.Shown in ComfypreneSoft, nonremovable, slimTurquoiseneoprene is surface-cleanable with removable, adjustable straps. Available in Light Blue or Dark Blue.Shown in TurquoiseShown inGoniometer Emerald Green jointFAX800.437.2966 n Added spring for dynamic stretch n Added straps for support, positioningSpring-Loaded Goniometer Hand/Thumb4-Strap Hand/Thumb OrthosesSame OrthosesSame features as Hand/Thumbfeatures as Hand/Thumb Orthosis (above) with Orthosis (above) with added spring that appliesfour straps to position and support the hand, dynamic stretch to push wrist to desired degree ofthumb, and fingers. Removable Terrycloth cover.extension. Removable Terrycloth cover. #52962S, PURPLEEASwivel joint for ulnar#53007S, PURPLEEA #52961M, TURQUOISEEA866.936.2987AliMed.com or radial deviation#53006M, TURQUOISEEA #52960L, EMERALD GREENEA#53005L, EMERALD GREENEA Color-coded by size, see chart below.n Allows for ulnar or radial deviation Color-coded by size, see chart below.Suggested code: L3807/L3809 PDACSuggested code: E1805 PDAC APPROVEDDeviation Hand/Thumb OrthosesSameAPPROVEDfeatures as Hand/Thumb Orthosis (above) with unique swivel joint below wrist that allows lateral and medial positioning to accommodate ulnar or PEDIATRIC HAND/WRIST/THUMB SIZE CHARTradial deviation. Removable Terrycloth cover.SIZEWRIST TO TIP OF MIDDLE FINGERTOTAL SPLINT LENGTHAVERAGE#52976M, TURQUOISEEA TERRYCLOTHCOMFYPRENETERRYCLOTHCOMFYPRENEAGE#52975L, EMERALD GREENEA S21 2 "-31 2 "21 2 "-31 2 "7"61 2 "UP TO 4 YEARSColor-coded by size, see chart at right M3"-41 2 "3"-41 2 "8"7"4 TO 9 YEARS(not available in Small). PDAC L41 2 "-6"41 2 "-6"91 2 "9"9 TO SMALL ADULTSuggested code: L3807/L3809 APPROVED Terrycloth covers are color-coded by size. S, Purple; M, Turquoise; L, Emerald Green.Comfyprene covers come in choice of Dark Blue or Light Blue.184 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'