b'TheraTogs ULTRA are the nextTheraTogs: Wear it, generation of the popular TheraTogs neuromotor training systemsPEDIATRIC ORTHOSES specifically designed to correctLive it, Learn it!functional and postural alignment with limitless repetitions during daily activities. TheraTogs ULTRA products are made of GoldTonea unique, high-performancen Neuromotor, postural, fabric designed specifically to meet themobility, and balance issuesdemands of TheraTogs systems.TheraTogs Do What Therapy Does TheraTogs ULTRA Full Body If the clinician can manually correct postural SystemThis classic system or biomechanical issues for a client withoutimproves postural alignment and force, then TheraTogs can be configured to dostability, and addresses the greatest the samewith gentle, prolonged stretch andvariety of functional alignment and supple support. Its traditional, science-basedmovement issues. Designed for therapydelivered in under-the-clothes comfort.children with complex neuromotor disorders, the Full Body System enables a limitless variety of integrated trunk and upperPTA, LOWER, FULL BODY SYSTEM SIZING CHART or lower extremity THERATOGS MAXMAX applications.SHOULDERASIS* TOSIZEWT. (LBS)TO ASIS*KNEE JOINT INFANT15-25101 2 "93 4 " nBenefits of PTA, Full Body, andPRE-SCHOOL25-45131 2 "113 4 " Lower Extremity systems in a PEDIATRIC45-6515"181 2 " familiar, easy-to-use design *ASIS refers to Anterior Superior Iliac Spine. Indications: Motor skills deficitTBIScissoring in stanceTheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System is a or gaitProximal limb and joint controlTrunk/shouldercustomizable, comfortable foam-lined, VELCRO-instabilityFlexible kyphosis or lordosisPost-op rehabsensitive garment and strapping system that Adult sizes availableDiagnoses: Cerebral palsySpina bifidaStrokeimproves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core at AliMed.com!KyphosisMultiple sclerosis for critical infant growth months. Grip-lined elastic Order using Sizing Chart at left. straps operate like external muscles and ligaments nStarter kit, simplified systemFULL BODY SYSTEM to improve trunk alignment and stabilize the core. Familiar, easy-to-use onesie design for TheraTogs ULTRA Posture and SIZEITEM #PRICE increased compliance. Embedded closure tabs Torso Alignment (PTA) System INFANT#52410$794.00 ea eliminate loose tabs. Limb Kit with cuffs and s the preferred starting point forPRE-SCHOOL#52411$896.75 ea strapping is also sold separately.improved upper body alignmentPEDIATRIC#52412$896.75 ea Indications: HypotoniaDiplegic Cerebral Palsy and posture. Includes twoCalifornia residents, see below.Hemiplegic Cerebral PalsyTorticollisAthetosis garments and a small set ofCerebellar AtaxiaObstetrical Brachial Plexus Injury straps for easy compliance. n Alignment and functional(OBPI)Developmental DelayThree simple steps to get Order using Wunzi Sizing Chart below.started:deviations of lower 1. extremitiesWUNZI SYSTEMFit the garments SIZEITEM #PRICE2. Align the spine TheraTogs ULTRA Lower 3. XXS#66761$265.75 eaFAX800.437.2966 Add strapping where needed Extremity System addresses Carry over posture training from therapy sessionsalignment and functional deviations ofXS#66762$265.75 eato thousands of daily repetitionsperformedthe hip, knee, and developing femurs;S#66763$332.75 eain improved alignment! Start with a simplifiedalso supports hip or trunk stability.M#66764$332.75 easystemgain confidence with immediate results.Used for in-toed/out-toed gait, pelvicL#66765$332.75 eaAdd other expansion modules later if needed. tilt, genu varum, genu valgum, andLIMB KIT, S#66766$220.75 eaLE alignment issues caused byLIMB KIT, L#66767$244.75 eaIndications: HypotoniaPoor postureKyphosis California residents, see below.800.225.2610AliMed.com Note: Sale of TheraTogs productsligament laxity. TBILordosisTrunk instabilityDiagnoses: Developmental delayBenign congenitalIndications: Gait dysfunction orSizing: Torso Length: Measure down back from C-7 (big hypotoniaCerebral palsyMuscular dystrophyCNSdeficitInternal/external rotation bone at the bottom of the neck) over the diaper and up to disordersGenetic disorders such as Down syndrome, Knee hyperextensionScissoring PDAC the navel. Belly Girth: Measure circumference at the navel. Prader-Willi, Trisomy 13Myotonic dystrophy or windblown gaitPost-op rehab APPROVED WUNZI SIZING CHARTDiagnoses: Cerebral palsySpasticTORSOBELLY Order using Sizing Chart above. diplegiaStrokeGenu varum/genu valgum SIZEAGE (MO.)WT. (LBS)LENGTHGIRTH PTA SYSTEM Order using Sizing Chart, above left. XXS0-37-1240 cm40 cm SIZEITEM #PRICESuggested code: A9270 XS3-612-1750 cm44 cmINFANT#52402$422.75 eaLOWER EXTREMITY SYSTEM S 6-1217-1855 cm46 cmPRE-SCHOOL#52403$489.00 eaSIZEITEM #PRICEM12-1818-2160 cm50 cmPEDIATRIC#52404$505.75 ea INFANT#66473$650.75 eaL 18-2421-2668 cm54 cmCalifornia residents, see below. PRE-SCHOOL#66474$653.00 ea LIMB KITPEDIATRIC#66475$653.00 ea S 0-121-18outside of the United States is prohibited. California residents, see below. L 12-2418-26California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the 184 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'