b'Boxers Fracture Orthoses FRACTURE BRACING T-Foam-padded interior 75 MP FlexionStandard model0 MP Extensionn Rigid, heat-moldable shellFREEDOMcomfort Boxers Fracturefor support once fracture has partially healed and Orthoses with MP Extension for quicksome stability has been obtained.and efficient immobilization of common metacarpalFitting: Adhesive-backed, pressure-sensitive fractures. MPs are positioned in extension. Rigid BOXERS FRACTURE ORTHOSES Kydex shell immobilizes and protects fracturepadding is included with each orthosis to allow and surrounding joints. T-Foam padded linerangular corrections to be made to fracture site.ensures even further comfort, along with supportKydex shellT-Foam linerBlackand conformity to fracture volume. In difficult-to-fitSizing: Measure circumference of hand at MPs. M, 7"-9"; instances, shell may be gently heated with heatL, 9"-101 2 ". Long modelgun and reshaped to accommodate swelling. #5111M, RIGHTEAIndications and Usage: Best for uncomplicated#5113L, RIGHTEAfourth and fifth metacarpal fractures, including#5112M, LEFTEABoxers fracture. For more complex fractures, use#5114L, LEFTEAnRigid shell, optional wrist immobilizationBoxers Fracture Orthoses with MP Flexion positions metacarpal joint in 75 of flexion during immobilization. Allows index finger and thumb to perform minor tasks throughout healing 0 MP Extension process. Rigid shell lined with cushioning foam for immobilization and protection of fracture and surrounding joints.n Soft shell with ulnar stay Boxers Fracture Long Orthoses with MP FREEDOMcomfort Wrist Splints withBlack FlexionUse when additional wrist immobilization MP BlockComfortable immobilization andSizing: Measure circumference of hand at MPs. S/M fitsis desired.protection of third, fourth, and fifth MP and PIPup to 8"; L/XL fits 9"+. Indications and Usage: Best for uncomplicated joints. Durable, lightweight fabric/foam laminate willfourth and fifth metacarpal fractures, including cushion and protect the hand. Ulnar stay positions#5910S/M, RIGHTEA Boxers fracture. For more complex fractures, use the MP and PIP joints in extension following injury.#5912L/XL, RIGHTEA for support once the fracture has partially healed and FAX800.437.2966 Hook-and-loop straps allow easy adjustment#5911S/M, LEFTEA some stability has been regained. Heat-moldable for #5913L/XL, LEFTEAas hand volume changes during recovery. Nota perfect fit.intended for use during acute phase of treatmentLicensed to AliMed by Jack E. Cohen D.O.Rigid shellFoam linerfor fractures or with open wounds.Patent pending. Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. S, 4"-5"; M, 5"-6";L, 6"-7"; XL, 7"-8".866.936.2987AliMed.comBOXERS FRACTURE ORTHOSISSTANDARD70 MP Flexion #52207M, RIGHT EA#52208M, LEFT EA#52209L, RIGHT EA #52210L, LEFT EAn Removable ulnar/dorsal and palmar stays#52505XL, RIGHT EA#52506XL, LEFT EA EZY WRAP Boxer Removable palmar spoonBlackBOXERS FRACTURE ORTHOSISLONGand ulnar/dorsal and metacarpal stays eliminateSizing: Measure forearm 7" above wrist joint. Pediatric/#52201S, RIGHT EApressure on the ulnar styloid and hold the wristYouth size determined by body weight. Pediatric/Youth, and fingers in the preferred angle of support when30-50 lbs.; XS/S, 8"-10"; M/L, 10"-12"; XL/XXL, 111 2 "-15". #52202S, LEFT EAtreating fourth and fifth metacarpal fractures. #52203M, RIGHT EAUlnar/Dorsal stay is preadjusted with fingers in#52503BOXER EA #52204M, LEFT EA70 flexion. Palmar stay is preadjusted with wrist inSpecify size and Left or Right. #52205L, RIGHT EA30 extension. Metacarpal stay is easily adjusted.#52206L, LEFT EAHook-and-loop closure adjusts for swelling and#52507XL, RIGHT EA allows removal for skin care.#52508XL, LEFT EA94 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'