b'Immobilize and protect the thumb WRIST AND HAND Metal Stay SplintsHow to choosen Universal sizingonly stock one item!Thumb supports effectively treat Gamekeepers Thumb, collateralFREEDOM comfort Thumb Wraps offer ligament injuries, tendonitis, and thumbcompression and support with premium elastic sprains caused by trauma, sports, ortwo-way stretch material. Extra-long, malleable, overuse. For short-term stabilization,removable metal stay extends from IP joint to wrist. these splints limit motion at both MPEasily adjusts for custom thumb positioning as well as and CMC joints while minimizing impactmild support at wrist. Wrap-on application with hook-on hand function. and-loop closures at wrist and thumb. Fits left or right.How to choose: #77559FREEDOM COMFORT THUMB WRAP EA1. Determine level of immobilization required.2.Select amount of customization needed.3. Choose material desired: metal stay,n Durable leather constructionTHUMB SPLINTS thermoplastic, or aluminum core splints. Low-Profile Thumb StabilizersLeather Metal stay splints (this page) offersplint allows wearer to perform regular tasks in moderate immobilization and are great forgreater comfort. Non-adjustable flexible metal stay milder injuries and ongoing joint protection.limits radial and palmar abduction of CMC joint, as well Level of stabilization is determined by lengthas flexion and extension of MCP joint. and construction of stay. Body of splint mayBlack 3 8Sizing: Measure from thumb IP to CMC joint. S, up to 3 "; be elastic, neoprene, or leather. Elastic offersM, 33 8 " to 37 8 "; L, 4" and above.greatest comfort for all-day wear, promoting maximum breathability. Neoprene applies SIZEBLACKBEIGEQTYcompressive support to help reduce edema andS, RIGHT#51682#51692EAadd soothing warmth. Leather offers a durabilityS, LEFT#51683#51693EAthat is uniquely suited for industrial workM, RIGHT#51684#51694EAapplications. M, LEFT#51685#51695EAThermoplastic splints (pp. 108-111)L, RIGHT#51686#51696EAoffer superior immobilization and are highlyBeige L, LEFT#51687#51697EAcustomizable. They incorporate thin, supportive plastic that surrounds injured area for immobili zation during recovery and maximum protection upon return to activity. Foam liningThumSlingn Wraparound slingor sleeves offer greater comfort because sweat tends to build up when plastic is in direct contactThumSling Wraparound sling applies lightwith skin. Preformed versions (SportsFitcompression to relieve arthritis pain at the CMC joint. Thumb Orthosis,European ThumbLightweight, breathable foam-lined material contours to Spica, CMCcare Thumb Brace,FREEDOM hand for a non-bulky support. Add the included semirigid Standard Thumbkeeper, and Low-Profileflexible stay for additional control. NP model offers ThumbKeeper) can be used off the shelf orgreater support and control with a dense foam. Not made easily customized using a water bath or heatwith natural rubber latex.FAX800.437.2966 gun. Padded models (like the Custom-MoldedSizing: Measure circumference at MPs. S/M, 6"-714"; M/L, 714"-914".Thumb Splint) offer added comfort and compliance.#51890THUMSLING EAThumSling#52539THUMSLING NP EAAluminum core splints (FREEDOM NP Specify size and Left or Right. Form Custom-Moldable ThumbKeeper, AliMed.com) are extremely lightweight and 866.936.2987AliMed.com allow quick immobilization anytime, anywhereno tools or heat required. Shape aluminum shelln Limited release of movement at base of thumbby hand to custom-fit any patient and reform asRhizoLocstabilizes the CMC and MCP of the thumb needed. These splints offer good immobilizationafter injuries to the lateral ligaments, surgery, and in but are not intended for longer-term functionalcases of osteoarthritis. Individually shapeable aluminum use. stay immobilizes the thumb in opposition position. During the course of therapy, the mobility of the upper MCP joint can be released via a custom VELCRO-brand tab. Easily applied and removed with one hand via VELCRO-brand fasteners. Breathable material CMC Arthritiswith integrated pores allows air circulation around the Solutions VELCRO-brand tab allowsunderlying skin.adjustment of movement at p. 109 base of thumb Sizing: Measure wrist circumference. Size 1, 434"-614"; Size 2, 614"-734".#52694RHIZOLOC EASpecify size and Left or Right. 110 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'