b'Therapeutic Grip SplintsBESTSELLER!WRIST AND HANDpedi Includessizes 2 firm hand rollsnGraduated finger rollsFinger Extender Hand Orthoses for more severe flexor pattern of wrist and fingers. Increase finger extension by using graduated finger rolls and extending spine. Includes two different-sized firm hand rolls. Bend-to-fit reinforced spine isn Bendable aluminum shell withpadded with no exposed edges. Includes two softmoisture-absorbing terrycloth cover Included with Grip Splint:washable terrycloth covers. One Adult and three Pediatric sizes. Ultimate Grip SplintsMalleableA.GRIP SPLINTSFits left or right. aluminum bends to fit required wristB.and forearm angle. Splint holds its shape. For Adult sizing: One size. Pediatric sizing:PDAC incremental finger extension, splints come with S, Wrist to tip of middle finger: 21/2"-31/2",APPROVED Hand roll Total length: 7", fits most up to age 4; M,two Ethafoam cylinders (1" or 1" diameter).cylinders slip Wrist to tip of middle finger: 3"-41/2", Total length: 8",fitsSoft Goods Set is also included with splint toover shell D.most 4- to 9-year-olds; L, Wrist to tip of middle finger: accommodate use with cylinder, or without for 41/2"-6", Total length: 91/2",fits age 9 to small adult. severe contracture. Terrycloth/foam laminateC. E. F.#51591ADULT (2 COVERS)$91.00 ea cover. Hook-and-loop closures. One size.#51715REPL. COVER FOR #51591$41.75 ea Aluminum shellEthafoam cylinders: one 11/2" and one #78058*PEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)$91.00 ea 13/4" diam.Terrycloth/foam laminate coverBeige*Specify size. Cover color is specific to size (S: Purple, M:#510841ULTIMATE GRIP SPLINT$65.00 ea A.Small hand roll cover B.Large hand roll cover Turquoise, L: Emerald Green).#510842REPL. SOFT GOODS w/LAUNDRY BAGC.Aluminum shell D.Shell cover E.1 34 " cylinder California residents, see left page. $44.75 set hand roll F.1 12 " cylinder hand rollSuggested code: L3807 Specify Left or Right. California residents, see left page.n Accommodates radial/ulnar deviationFAX800.437.2966SoftPro Grip WHFO provides static therapy for support, protection, and positioning while treating non-fixed contractures associatedWrist strap maintains with immobility. Can also be easily bent toneutral positionaccommodate flexion, extension, radial/ulnar deviation, and wrist drop. Supports wrist in the desired position and can be progressively brought AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Heat-adjustable Kydexshellback towards neutral. No heat or tools required. Two palmar rolls (1" and 3" diameter) with coversGrip Splints therapeutically position wrist,Included with Grip Splint:allow splint to be used comfortably for moderate- hand, and fingers, and are indicated for strokeA.to-severe finger contractures. Kool-Wick liningpatients. Maintains wrist in a neutral position, with with Bact-Ban keeps cover cleaner and more odor- fingers held in a relaxed position midway betweenHand roll resistant. Optional Finger Separator availableflexion and extension. Select cylinder size from setcylinders slipB.(see below). Extra cover included. Not made with(1 38 " or 1" diameter) that is most comfortable forover shellnatural rubber latex. user. Smaller cover is included for use when fingerD.#52375SOFTPRO GRIP WHFO $96.00 ea contracture is too severe to accommodate foamC. E. F.#52376OPTIONAL FINGER SEPARATOR$21.75 ea cylinder. Hook-and-loop straps. Splint includes Specify size and Left or Right.adjustable Kydex shell, two Ethafoam cylinders, California residents, see left page. and three-piece Soft Goods Set. One size.Kydex shellEthafoam cylinders: one 1 38 " and one 13/4"SIZEWIDTH OF WRIST-TO-FINGERTIP diameterBlue A.Large hand roll cover B.Small hand roll cover MP JOINTSLENGTH C.Kydex Shell D.Shell cover E.1 34 " cylinder #5141GRIP SPLINT$84.75 ea hand roll F.1 38 " cylinder hand rollS2"-3"5"-6"#5698REPLACEMENT SOFT GOODS SET $55.75 setM3"-3"6"-8"Specify Left or Right. California residents, see left page.L3"-4"8"-9" 135'