b'Progressive Resting SplintsWRIST AND HANDKeep the gains youve made!PDACTurnbuckles forTurnbuckle FunctionalAPPROVEDevery extremity Position Splints These static progressive splints help maintain gains in ROM achieved through stretching and splint wear. The steel rod-and-turnbuckle mechanism provides a low-load stretch to the joint to gradually reduce Ankle, p. 47 a wrist flexion contracture while maintaining a functional hand position. Turnbuckle with triangular-shaped grip adjusts easily with thesplint in place for optimal positioning. Rigid Kydex splint shell is hinged at the wrist,Triangular-shaped PROGRESSIVE RESTING SPLINTSwith the turnbuckle connecting the hand and forearmgrip for easier portions of the splint. Soft padded two-part Beta PileadjustmentKnee, p. 88 II cover is comfortable against skin and is removable for washing. Padded straps are reinforced with hook-and-loop closures in areas of repetitive closure forSizing is approximate. B fits smaller Wmn; C fits larger Wmnadded durability. and smaller Men; D fits most Men. Splint adjusts from 80 of wrist flexion to 60 of wrist extension. For appropriate fit, patient must have#52395TURNBUCKLE FUNCTIONALpassive finger extension, and wrist contracture cannotPOSITION SPLINTEAexceed 90 flexion. Must be used under a physicians supervision. Specify size B, C, or D, and Left or Right.Elbow, p. 147 Kydex splint shellBeta Pile liner: removable and washableSuggested code: L3931 Heat-adjustableAdjust each finger individually.Shown in Light BlueFAX800.437.2966nFlexible wrist and fingers and progressive thumb abductionShown in Dark BlueDynaProFinger Flex OrthosesFlexible AliMed.com 866.936.2987wrist, MCP, and PIP joints with flexible finger platform designed for treatment of spasticity.Color-coded straps Finger separator Hand/Wrist Separate Finger OrthosesFlex properties will give during involuntaryincludedsupport wrist and whole hand, allowingmuscle contractions to help inhibit tone. Resting custom adjustment of each finger individually.Hand Orthoses (Thumb Ease) combine the overall Finger separator included. Adjustable metaldesign of the Finger Flex (including the flexible wristSizing: Measure width of MP joint and distance from wrist frame bends to fit without heat or additionalsegment) with the rigid finger platform of a traditionalto tip of middle finger. See chart below.tools. Slim, nonremovable, surface-cleanableresting hand splint to help manage wrist spasticity#52381FINGER FLEXEAComfyprene neoprene cover. One size.while maintaining functional hand alignment.#52382RESTING HAND (THUMB EASE) EABoth models have a thumb pocket with two gelSpecify size and Left or Right.Sizing: Measure wrist to tip of middle finger. 6"-8";inserts to help progressively increase thumb 12"L. Pediatric sizes on p. 185. abduction. Heat-moldable core for custom fitting. WIDTH OF WRIST-TO-FINGERTIP #51948ADULT, LEFT EA Finger separator included. Color-coded straps for SIZEMP JOINTSLENGTH#52118ADULT, RIGHT EA easy application and staff training. AntibacterialSUP TO 3"UP TO 6" Specify Dark Blue or Light Blue. cover helps reduce odor. Includes extra cover forM3"-31 2 "61 2 "-8" laundering. L31 2 "-4"8"-91 2 "LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 135'