b'Original Kitsn Treats moderate-to-severe contractures Contains two Original Carrots (choice of Small WRIST AND HANDOriginal CarrotsSmooth, polyesteror Large), two wands,Largecotton blend cover packed with washable,one laundry marker, and absorbent wool fleece helps keep the hand coolinstruction manual.and dry. Fleece conforms to hand to reduce flexor ORIGINAL KITspasticity. #51024SMALL, ORANGE 6/KITCotton coverHand-wash in cold water and air-dryConforms to#51025LARGE, GREEN 6/KIT Small (Orange): 81/2"L5" maximum circumferencehand to reduceLarge (Green): 9"L53/4" maximum circumferencespasticityREPLACEMENT CARROTS ONLY#51026ORANGE6/CSSmall#51027GREEN6/CS Patent #5,830,108n Helps reduce odor-causing bacteria Antimicrobial KitsContains Antimicrobial-Treated Blue CarrotsSofttwo Antimicrobial-covering is infused with silver ion that inhibits theTreated Carrots,THERAPY CARROT ALIMEDgrowth and replication of bacteria, mold, yeast, andtwo wands, one other fungi that cause odor, staining, and discoloration.laundry marker, and Filled with highly conforming and resilient tiny plasticinstruction manual.microspheres that wont increase spasticityeffectiveCoverANTIMICROBIAL KITeven for significantly distorted hands. treated with#52274ONE SIZE, BLUE 6/KIT9"L5 12 " maximum circumferenceCotton coverantimicrobialHand-wash in cold water and air-dry agentREPLACEMENT CARROTS ONLY#52275BLUE6/CS Patent #5,882,280n Inflates to gradually reduce contractureInflatable CarrotsDeflated orthosis with bacteriostatic cloth cover is gently pulled into hand with included placement wand and then graduallyInflatable KitsContains inflated, helping to lift fingertips away from the palm.one Carrot, two cloth covers, Ideal for patients with extreme pain, discomfort, orinflator bu lb, and two wands. anxiety from splint placement. 7 14 "L5 34 " maximum circumference (fully inflated) Best for severely INFLATABLE KIT Bacteriostatic cloth coverPlastic inflator bulb contracted#51598ONE SIZE 6/KIThandsREPLACEMENT CARROTS (SOLD INDIVIDUALLY)Using the Inflatable Carrot#51594REPLACEMENT CARROTS EAPatent #5,882,280FAX800.437.2966Inflatable Accessory KitsContains two cloth covers, inflator bulb, and two wandsone kit required per Inflatable Carrot.#51595INFLATABLE ACCESSORY KIT5/KITInsert deflated Carrot usingInflate as toleratedplacement wand AliMed.com 866.936.2987Easily clean contracted handsFinger Contracture OrthosisFREEDOM Palmar Swab KitsPalmarThread the wand and Hygiene Kits containSwabs are made of bacteriostatic-treated softthrough the handone Antimicrobial-Treated Bluefabric that can be easily drawn into hand with Carrot, 20 Palmar Swabs, andincluded Magic Placement Wands for cleaning four Magic Placement Wands. without causing pain. Swabs come with two Attach bacteriostatic Palmar Swab wands. Replacement Wands sold separately.to wand to clean contracted handSwabs: Bacteriostatic-treated soft fabric triangles can be easily and without pain. used with soap and warm water or dry to clean hands Wands: 5 12 "LSmooth, flexible plastic with rounded tip #52308ORTHOSIS AND HYGIENE KIT25/KIT #510381PALMAR SWAB KIT 50/KIT Palmar Swabs #51028REPL. WAND 25/PK LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 103'