b'Help improve circulation and reduce fatigueFOOT AND ANKLEA word from then Everyday look with gradient compressionFounder Core-Spun by Therafirm Support Socks look and feel like everyday Safer travel! socks, with the added benefit of true gradient compression. Designed to Long flights increase the risk ofdeliver a controlled amount of pressure, which is greatest at the ankle and pulmonary embolism. I developedgradually decreases toward top of stocking. This promotes circulation, helps an embolism when I didnt take anyprevent swelling, and reduces leg fatigue. Moisture-wicking yarns protect skin, moving moisture up and out of the foot area. special precautions on an 8+ hour flight. Now I travel smarter, and you can too.Available in White COOLMAXor Black X-STATICknee-highsHeres how:LIGHT 10-15 mmHgMILD 15-20 mmHgDuring flight, wear compression hose that have a nonconstricting top. Compression#66352WHITE PR#66354WHITE PRhose help minimize the pooling of body fluids#66353BLACK PR#66355BLACK PRin the lower extremities. Try to keep your legsSpecify size. See chart below. Specify size. See chart below.as active as possible during the flight. Isometric MODERATE 20-30 mmHgFIRM 30-40 mmHg Made with foot and ankle exercise is a good way to do#66356WHITE PR#66358WHITE PR moisture-wicking COMPRESSION STOCKINGS this. Drink water at every opportunity during#66357BLACK PR#66359BLACK PR yarnflight. The pressurized air inside the cabin is very dry, and dehydration increases your risk forSpecify size. See chart below.Specify size. See chart below.embolism. Sincerely,SIZELENGTH CIRC. CALF CIRC.ANKLE CIRC.MENS SHOE SIZEWMNS SHOE SIZES 12"-16"11-161 2 "61 2 "-81 2 "UP TO 7UP TO 9M13"-17"12"-171 2 "8"-10"71 2 -1091 2 -12 Julian CherubiniL14"-18"13"-19"9"-111 2 "101 2 -1212+ Founder, AliMed Inc. XL15"-20"17"-23"11"-15"121 2 +nFor everyday travelAmes Walker Support MicrofiberSizing: Measure fullest part of calf and smallest part of the ankle above the ankle bone. S: Wmns, calf 10 1"-Socks, Knee-Length are designed1 1 214 2 ", ankle 7"-8"; Mens, calf 11"-15", ankle 7 2 "-8"; M: especially for travel. Encourage circulation toWmns, calf 11 1 2 "-15 1 2 ", ankle 8"-9"; Mens, calf 13"-17", help legs feel energized during long periodsankle 8"-9"; L: Wmns, calf 12 1 2 "-17", ankle 9 1 2 "-11"; of immobility such as traveling by air or duringMens, calf 14"-18", ankle 9"-10 1 4 "; XL: Wmns, calf 13 1 2 "-long car rides, which can lead to blood clots18", ankle 11"-13"; Mens, calf 15"-20", ankle 10 1 2 "-12".and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Not made#66930WMNS PRwith natural rubber latex.#66929MENS PR15-20 mmHgWmns: 85% nylon/15% spandexSpecify size and color. *Tan not available in Small.Black or SandMens: 90% nylon/10% spandexBlack or Tan* FAX800.437.2966866.936.2987AliMed.com Anti-Embolism Socksn Open heelHeelSafe DVT HoseOpen heel aids in relievingANKLECALFKNEE-HIGHpressure on back of heel and allows skin inspection. SIZECIRC.CIRC.LENGTHOffers graduated compression (12-20 mmHg)1S7 2 "-9"11"-13"less than 16"decreasing from ankle to calf and complements the1Heelift Suspension Boot (p. 48) care regimen. M8 2 "-10"12"-15"16"-18"L91 2 "-13"14"-18"17"-19"White XL131 2 "-15"17"-21"18"-22"#66470HEELSAFE DVT HOSE PR XXL151 2 "-17"21"-26"171 2 "-191 2 "Specify size. See chart below.36 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'