b'Hinged Knee Braces KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHFullWraparound Wraparound TopPlastic hingenRepositionable U-shaped buttressNeoprene Knee Supports offernBreathable open-cell material; HINGED KNEE BRACEScompression and retain body heat to helpavailable in three stylesrelieve pain. Plastic polycentric hinges with a hyperextension stop adjust to knee movement FREEDOM Hinged Plus Knee Bracesand enhance medial and lateral stability. Quality, breathable knee brace indicated for 180 U-shaped felt patellar buttress can bemedial and lateral collateral ligament instability, repositioned. Superior and inferior 2"-wide strapsand mild to moderate ACL/PCL instabilities. stabilize and add compression. Fits left or right. Added comfort and flexibility with18 "-thick open-cell material that has a large popliteal opening to Sizing: Measure circumference at middle of knee. minimize bunching of material behind the knee, S, 12"-1312"; M, 1312"-15"; L, 15"-1612"; XL, 1612"-18". and is cooler than traditional neoprene braces. L is approximately 12"L. Open patella provides comfortable kneePull-Up#66298NEOPRENE KNEE SUPPORT EA positioning. Upper and lower circumferential Specify size.straps have elastic segments for enhanced fit and comfort. Internal anti-migration strips help reduce slipping. Includes removable stainless steel hinges with flexion/extension stops. Available in three styles: Pull-Up with upper and lowerhook-and-loop closures and removable, adjustableSizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with leg crescent buttresses, Full Wraparound forextended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16"; easy donning, or Wraparound Top with closedXL, 16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22".bottom for a better fit with athletic or cone- #66891PULL-UP EAshaped legs, removable, adjustable crescent#66890FULL WRAPAROUND EAbuttress and hinges that can be repositioned for a#66892WRAPAROUND TOP EAcustom fit. All styles fit left or right. Specify size. FAX800.437.2966nAnterior/posterior hinges easily adjust to center of rotation n Full wraparound closure for easy applicationFREEDOM Premium Knee Orthoses FREEDOMWraparound Knee Orthoses Adjustable covered bilateral stainless steel- Covered bilateral stainless steel-hinged hinged uprights with hyperextension stops allowuprights with hyperextension stops allow varus/anterior/posterior adjustment for proper alignment.valgus support. Top and bottom wraparoundAliMed.com 866.936.2987Anterior wraparound closure on top only.316 "-thickclosure and upper and lower circumferential straps black nylon-covered neoprene maintains warmthwith finger loops and pull tabs make brace easy to to aid in healing. Patellar opening with removableapply and reduce brace migration.316 "-thick black padded buttress improves patellar tracking andnylon-covered neoprene maintains warmth to aid patient comfort. Fits left or right. in healing. Patellar opening with removable padded Sizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with legbuttress improves patellar tracking and increases extended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16";patient comfort. Adjustable elastic segment helps XL, 16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22". prevent tourniquet effects in popliteal opening.#64706 XSEA Fits left or right.#64707SEA Sizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with leg #64708MEA extended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16"; #64709LEA XL, 16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22".#64710XLEA #64699XSEA #64703XLEA#64711XXLEA #64700SEA #64704XXLEA#647123XLEA #64701MEA #647053XLEA#64702LEALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 81'