b'On-the-job back protectionn Double-back replaces staysSPINE AND PELVISElastic Braces relieve pressureSuspenders on lower back withkeep braceeven compression.in placeDurable elastic belt will not crease or tear. Great for healthcare workers, truck drivers, and heavy-equipment operators. Crisscross suspender design. n Stays maintain position 9"HWashableBlackProflex 2000SF Back Supports maintainSizing: S, 26"-30"; M, 30"-34"; L, 34"-38"; XL, 38"-42";proper position with Sticky Finger stays integratedXXL, 42"-46". in back. Adjustable two-stage closure.#72492ELASTIC BRACEEA Double-back Durable spandex cloth with cinch tabsBlackSpecify size.construction LUMBAR SUPPORTSSizing: Measure waist. S, 25"-30"; M, 30"-34"; L, 34"-38";replacesXL, 38"-42"; XXL, 42"-46". metal stays#745462000SF BACK SUPPORTEASpecify size.nCinching pull strap for one-handed tighteningGreen Adjustable Back and Abdominal SupportsOffer powerful relief from lower back pain, weakness, or fatigue. Instant abdominal compression and lumbar support for repetitive bending and lifting. Rigid yet comfortable posterior panels provide support for lower back muscles while helping to maintain proper posture. One-handed cinching system easily tightens for n Use with or without suspenders abdominal compression and lumbar support. ProFlex 1650 Economy Elastic BackExtends from L-1 to L-5 vertebra. Inner lining and spandex binding are made from recycled SupportsTwo-stage closure. Single-layer, 5"Hmaterials. AEGIS Microbe Shield antimicrobialHand-wash, air-dryelastic cinch strap for positive tension. Adjustable,Sizing: Measure waist circumference. One size fits 32"-51".1 12 "W elastic suspenders cut wider for improved fit.treatment helps protect the brace against odor, Use with or without suspenders.staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria and#52674ADJUSTABLE BACK SUPPORTEAmicroorganisms.7 12 "HKnit elastic body materialFAX800.437.2966Sizing: Measure around waist. XS fits up to 25"; S, 25"-30"; M, 30"-34"; L, 34"-38"; XL, 38"-42"; XXL, 42"-46". Lumbar Supports ease back strain#79122ELASTIC BACK SUPPORTEASpecify size. Shop our eCatalogsAliMed.com 866.936.2987anytime, anywhere!FIXEDn Half roll n Full rollThe Original McKenzie D-SectionThe Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll Lumbar Rollcounteract poor posture and helpUsed to counteract lordosis while sitting. correct lordosis while seated. Elastic strap attachesAdjustable strap. to any chair.11"L x 4 34 " diameterAliMed.com/ecatalog 11"W x 51/2"H x 41/4"D #6095STANDARDEA#6097D-SECTION LUMBAR ROLLEA #6096FIRMEALOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 167'