b'AliPlastfor fabrication ofMATERIALS AND TOOLS AliPlast AliPlast AliPlast AliPlastAliPlast AliPlast custom orthotics and soft splintsAliPlast The AliPlast family is an assortment AliPof cross-linked polyethylene foams. TheStick), Off-White 4E, W 6A, W 10, Wh 10, BuffXPE, Ivoryfive types of AliPlast vary in firmnesslast hite6A, Buff iteand stiffness to satisfy a broad range of2E, (Quickhiteorthotic applications. AliPlast 2E and AliPlast 4E are excellent for padding and cushioning splints and casts. AliPlast 6A and AliPlast 10 are effective for foot orthotics and many types ALIPLAST of hand splints. AliPlast XPE, the firmestMolding is simple!grade, is well-suited for posting orthosesAliPlast softens in just minutes when heatedbond will result. AliPlast can be vacuum-formed and for building long-lasting, functional foot(oven temp. 250 to 300F). Heating timeand is auto-adhesive. Its polyolefin base creates supports. depends on material thickness. When heated,a uniquely durable bond with polyethylene or All AliPlast foams are heat-moldable, AliPlast can mold and form around any shape.polypropylene. It can be used to adhere thesewith an impervious, smooth surface. All areWhen cool, its original cushioning and rigidity aredifficult-to-bond materials together, saving washable, lightweight polyethylene foams inregained. Softer varieties can be molded directlyconsiderable time and effort when forming successively firmer durometers.to the body. Firmer varieties, such as AliPlastorthotics. AliPlast will shrink along the grain For full specifications and helpful fabricationXPE, are better molded first to a plaster cast towhen heated, and its thickness increases. To tips, visit AliMed.com/aliplast. avoid danger of burns. When surfaces of twocompensate for shrinkage, stretch the material heated pieces are brought together, a permanentduring molding.Use convection CAUTION: Use a convection oven for heating ovens for heatingAliPlast to minimize risk of overheating. A toaster AliPlastor radiant-type heater can overheat surface. When p. 202 overheated, surface can cause severe burns.Physical Properties of AliPlastAliPlast 2EAliPlast 4EAliPlast 6AAliPlast 10AliPlast XPE Table of durometer/ Oven temperature (F)250-325250-325250-325250-325325 hardness (Shore A)FAX800.437.2966 Density (pounds per cubic foot)2461012 Dr. Scholls9Tensile strength, 65-7080-110110-140294240 PE-LITE (Soft)1420 in. per min. (PSI) 45-5060-80100-110226 Poron15AliPlast 2E 25% compression5-815-2530-4050 (Quick Stick)1550% compression20-2235-4550-7075-100 Plastazote #120Human Soft Tissue20-25866.936.2987AliMed.com 75% compression50-5590-100130 Microcellular Rubber 22Permanent set (%)25-3012-187-1515 max5 AliPlast 4E2350% compression for 24 hours,AliPlast 6A3424-hour recovery Plastazote #235PE-LITE (Med.)37Service temperature (F)-110 to +160-110 to +190-110 to +200-110 to +200-110 to +200 PE-LITE (Firm)45NickelPlast48Human Scar Tissue50NickelPlast XF54Convenient, pre-cut blanks Neoprene Crepe56AliPlast 1060AliPlast, Plastazote, and NickelPlast Blanks are easyAliPlast XPE68to store and convenient to use. Perfect for full-foot insoles. Plastazote #3695 12 "W x 13"L Leather 80#4952PLASTAZOTE #1, 1 4 ", PINK16/PK Neolite92#4956PLASTAZOTE #2, 1 4 ", WHITE16/PK196 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'