b'Help reduce elbow contracturesSHOULDER AND ELBOW nChoose terrycloth liner or low-profile neoprene ComfyElbow Orthoses are excellent for gradual extension of nonfixed elbow contractures. All models feature adjustable, bend-to-fit frames and cuffs. Comfy models include a machine-washable, removable, padded terryclothStandardAdultliner. Comfyprene models feature a bendable metal frame sandwiched between multiple layers of neoprene padding. Cover is nonremovable, surface-cleanable only. Straps are fully removable and washable. Standard model is great as a resting splint for mild-to-moderate tone. Bend manually for gradual extension of elbow contractures. Goniometer model worksComfyprenelike serial casting, allowing progressive extension. Splint can be locked atGoniometerAdultdesired position or allowed movement through a set ROM of 0 to 180 in 30 increments. Position is adjusted using Allen wrench (included) stored in frame of orthosis. For moderate-to-strong flexion synergy. Spring-Loaded Goniometer adds a spring that applies a dynamic stretch force to push elbow to desired degree of extension. For moderate-to-strong flexion synergy. All models fit left or right. pedi PDAC Comfyprene sizes APPROVED StandardAdultELBOW ORTHOSESELBOW ORTHOSESCOMFY (TERRYCLOTH COVER)COMFYPRENE (NEOPRENE COVER)REPL. TERRYCLOTH COVER ITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICE STANDARDADULT (2 COVERS)#510301$161.75 ea#52123$68.75 ea#513421$31.75 eaSTANDARDADULT (1 COVER)#51738$131.75 ea #513421$31.75 eaSTANDARDPEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)#510432*$161.75 ea#52386*$75.75 ea#51761*$46.75 eaGONIOMETERADULT (2 COVERS)#510342$205.00 ea#52369$151.75 ea#51740$37.75 eaGONIOMETERADULT (1 COVER)#51739$178.00 ea #51740$37.75 eaGONIOMETERPEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)#51765*$205.00 ea#52199*$129.75 ea#51766*$46.75 eaSPRING-LOADED GONIOMETERADULT (2 COVERS)#51085$208.00 ea #51742$54.75 eaSPRING-LOADED GONIOMETERPEDIATRIC (2 COVERS)#78053*$208.00 ea #51772*$50.75 ea*Specify size. See chart at right. PEDIATRIC ELBOW ORTHOSIS SIZE CHARTPediatric and Adult Comfyprene covers, specify ELBOW CREASEELBOW CREASETOTALAVERAGELt. Blue or Dk. Blue.SIZETOWARDS WRISTTOWARDS SHOULDERSPLINT LENGTHAGEAdult: Comfy with terrycloth cover available in Navy only. S, PURPLE31 4 "31 4 "61 2 "UP TO 4 YEARS California residents, see below. M, TURQUOISE33 4 "33 4 "71 2 "4 TO 9 YEARS Suggested code: L3762 (Standard, Adult/Pedi); L3760L, EMERALD GREEN 41 2 "41 2 "9"9 TO SMALL ADULT (Goniometer, Adult/Pedi); E1800 (Spring-loaded, Adult/Pedi) Comfy terrycloth covers come in colors specific to size. Comfyprene covers come in Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue (specify color).StandardPDACn Control hand position too Full-Hand model APPROVEDCombination Elbow-Hand Orthoses combine hand and elbow to form onenPull out ring independently adjustable splint. Select either pediFAX800.437.2966 Full-Hand or Hand-Roll model. Either cansizes and lock in positionbe rotated to better accommodate pronationLocking Elbow Orthoses provides gradual and supination. Full-Hand attachment canextension of the non-fixed elbow contracture. also be adjusted for wrist flexion/extension. Allcan be locked in a desired position or allowedThe locking mechanism is set by pulling the ring, models include two soft washable terryclothmovement through a set ROM of 0 to 180adjusting to the desired angle, and pushing the liners. Standard model allows manual adjust - in 30 increments. Spring-Loaded Goniometerring back into the desired position. Soft Comfy 800.225.2610AliMed.com ment of elbow joint. Goniometer model allowsmodel and Hand-Thumb attachments availableterrycloth cover with hook-and-loop fastener.measurable progressive extension at elbow thatby special order. #52484$151.75 ea ADULTFULL-HANDPRICEHAND-ROLLPRICE California residents, see below. STANDARD#51086$213.00 ea#510302$256.75 ea Suggested code: L3760GONIOMETER#52193$298.75 ea#52194$314.75 ea PEDIATRIC nInflatable air bladderSTANDARD#78056*$338.75 ea#78057*$268.00 ea Full-HandHand-Roll*Specify size. See chart below. California residents, see below. Attachment Attachment PucciInflatableElbow OrthosesPEDIATRIC ELBOW-HAND SPLINT SIZE CHARTATTACHMENT ONLY give continuous low-stretch therapy to elbow SIZEBICEP CIRC.SPLINT LENGTH AVG. AGE #51782FULL-HAND$91.00 ea through inflation of upright air stay. IncludesS, PURPLE8"-10"7"-12"UP TO 4 YEARS #51783HAND-ROLL$91.00 ea two soft fabric covers, laundry bag, and handM, TURQUOISE6"-8"9"-13"4 TO 9 YEARS bulb inflator. Fits left or right.L, EMERALD GREEN4"-6"11"-14"9 TO SM. ADULT California residents, see below.Sizing: Measure bicep circ./forearm circ. Small,Comfy terrycloth covers come in colors specific to size. 6"-10"/5"-91 2 "; Regular, 81 2 "-141 2 "/61 2 "-131 2 ".California Proposition 65 Statement #510278$254.75 ea pediWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to theSpecify Small or Regular. sizes152 State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. California residents, see at left.'