b'Lumbosacral and TLSO Supports SPINE AND PELVIS n Relief from secondary back pain resulting from surgery or injury QuickDraw RAP Horizon Back Braces provide support, motion restriction, and pain relief for theincludes padded rigid anterior panelslower spine for those recovering from surgery or injury. Braces can be made less supportive as needed. Easily adjustableone brace can fit waists ranging from 24"-70" (Extension Panel required for waists 50"-70"). Integrated anterior panels on each end of the brace for guaranteed midline support. SlickTrack tightening system independentlyPDACtightens top and bottom, allowing localized compression for maximum pressure relief.SlickTrackAPPROVEDFirm but flexible back panel naturally conforms to patient lordosis while providingtightening systemstructural support. nCompression for acute All braces shown are PDAC low back painAPPROVEDQuickDraw PRO and A.CircumferentialB.Anterior andC.Movable rigidD.TelescopingQuickDraw RAP compression posteriorside panels shoulderComplete Back Bracesrestriction strap quickly restore functionalQuickDraw PROmobility by providing powerful LUMBOSACRAL AND TLSO SUPPORTS compression for immediate pain relief. Slick Tracktightening system allows patients to control upper and lower tightening, applying localized therapy directly to the lumbar region. RAP Complete features padded rigid anterior panels. Lightweight, A. Horizon 627 Lumbar has the lowest-profilenon-elastic, breathable material is soft enough to design. Creates circumferential compression towear against the skin. increase trunk stability and relieve targeted pain. D. Horizon 456 TLSO uses telescopingSizing: Measure waist circumference. XS, 21"-27"; S, 26"-#66714627 LUMBAREA shoulder straps to provide 13" of height adjustment32"; M, 31"-37"; L, 36"-42"; XL, 41"-47"; XXL, 46"-54".Suggested code: L0627 to fit even the tallest patients. Open shoulder strap#66719QUICKDRAW PROEA B. Horizon 631 LSO provides anterior andconfiguration for easy on/off. Provides optimal#66718*QUICKDRAW RAP COMPLETEEAposterior restriction. Promotes a rapid recovery andflexion and rotation control. Specify size. return to mobility. #66717456 TLSOEA *Suggested code: L0627#66715631 LSOEA Suggested code:L0456Suggested code: L0631 ACCESSORIESC. Horizon 637 LSO with anterior and posteriorExtension PanelsUsed with Horizon Back restriction, plus movable, rigid side panels thatBraces to comfortably fit waist sizes from provide lateral support. 50" to 70".#66716637 LSOEA #67105EXTENSION PANELEASuggested code: L0637n Rigid anterior and posterior insertsFAX800.437.2966 Lumbar Orthoses with Anterior/ Posterior SupportDouble-layered elastic construction affords greater strength and durability. 866.936.2987AliMed.com Overlapping outer strapAnterior and offers added compression.posterior insertsFront panel pocket and removable plastic insert Front view with anterior panel Back view with posterior frame detach with hook-and-loop. Rear pocket has removable n Dual strap closing ensures proper fit Heat-moldable molded plastic insert offering Shadow Modular Spinal Systems Sizing: Measure waist circumference to determine size.15 of lordosis. Hook-and-loop Rigid anterior panel offers post-op supportRecommended for patients under 5\'10". closure. Not made with and removes easily to assist with rehabilitation and SIZEWAIST CIRCUMFERENCEEACH natural rubber latex.maintenance. Helps deter bending. Dual-strapS 25"-30"#66146 10"H back tapers to 5"H front lacing system augments patient closing strengthM30"-35"#66147 Sizing: Measure circumference of hips at widest point. for increased abdominal compression and ensuresL35"-40"#66148 Due to wide range in waist and hip size in many patients, proper anatomical fit without creating hot spots.XL40"-45"#66149 a smaller or larger size may be needed for proper fit. S, Chairback frame can be modified with heat gun. InXXL45"-50"#66150 26"-32"; M, 30"-37"; L, 34"-41"; XL, 38"-47"; XXL, 44"-54".later stages of rehab, remove frame for the perfect3XL50"-55"#66151 #66285LUMBAR ORTHOSISEAstep-down brace. Specify size.160 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'