b'Arch SupportsInsoles PEDIATRIC ORTHOSESComfort and support for growing feetFREEDOM Half Sole Orthotics Accommodator These orthotics share common anatomical features such as a contoured heel cup to Flatcradle and stabilize the heel; a moderate, Plates longitudinal arch; mild metatarsal pad; and sculpted relief at the base of the fifth metatarsal.High-Impact Half Soles, like the Accommodator , can be used offAccommodator n Easily customized to treat a variety ofthe shelf with your pediatric patients for everyday relief from conditions such as heel pain, Severs foot conditions disease, calcaneal apophysitis, and plantar fasciitis. Carboplast Thermoplastic Flat PlatesThe BFO, XPE, or AliCork can be incorporated into limit foot motion for conditions such as turfcustom orthotics to meet specific patient needs. The toe or hallux rigidus. Footwear can be madeAccommodator offers maximum cushion with mild rigid without removing shoes sole. Customizecontrol and molds to high-pressure points, enhancingBFO by grinding or heat-molding. Shape using atotal contact. The High-Impact Accommodator offers Convection Oven ( #70389 , p. 202) at 400F fordurability, shock absorption, and comfort during high-ARCH SUPPORTSINSOLESthree to seven minutes. impact activities with energy-absorbing polymer in the Sizing: XS, Child 9-11; S, Child 13-Youth 1; M, Youth 4-6. heel. BFO offers mild cushion with moderate control for more support and durability than the Accommodator. #65176THERMOPLASTIC FLAT PLATEEA It readily accepts glued modifications. XPE semirigidSpecify Flexible, Semirigid, or Rigid and size.orthotic is firmer than the BFO, offering maximumXPE control. It is easily modified by gluing or grinding. AliCork is the firmest and can be modified by gluing, grinding, drilling, and heating. Sold in pairs.Sizing: Insole is 2"W x 51 2 "L. #6810ACCOMMODATORPRComf-Orthotic Insoles #6490HIGH-IMPACT ACCOMMODATORPR AliCork #6820BFOPR#6830XPEPR#60170ALICORKPRn Thermomoldable for custom adjustments34 -Length Insole SportsGloboTec Junior corrects and supports foot arches Insolein cases of pediatric planovalgus feet (flat feet). Adds stability and improves posture, especially during physical exercise, providing added stability for active kids. Deep heel cup guides the foot for better stability and motion control. Flexible with extra soft edges for comfort. Extra-length fits easily in shoes. Covered with Alcantara FAX800.437.2966Cushioningwashable layer. Shell grinds easily. Thermomoldable for Insole custom adjustments with heat gun. Sold in pairs.Sizing: Determined by shoe size.#31080510000022PEDIATRIC 5-6PR #31080510000032PEDIATRIC 1312-YOUTH 1PR#31080510000024PEDIATRIC 7-712PR #31080510000034YOUTH 2-3PRWool Felt Inserts #31080510000026PEDIATRIC 8-9PR #31080510000036YOUTH 4-5PR AliMed.com 866.936.2987#31080510000028PEDIATRIC 10-11PR #31080510000038YOUTH 6-7PR#31080510000030PEDIATRIC 12-13PR #31080510000040YOUTH 8-9, MENS 7-8PR nProgressive arch for childrens growing feetMetatarsal Arch PadsScaphoid PadsArch AngelsInsoles offer comfort and support for childrens growing feet. With Progressive Arch Design insole technology, the arch height of each progressive size increases as a childs foot grows. Use them to relieve common muscle fatigue from excess foot motion, maintain proper alignment and Metatarsal Bars balance, support the arch, and stabilize the heel.Sizing: XS fits toddler shoe size 6-8; S fits toddler shoe Shock-absorbing outer layer offers comfort. Innersize 9-10; M fits child shoe size 11-12; L (Youth S) fits youth layer gives gradual, flexible support. -length fitsshoe size 13-1; XL (Youth M) fits youth shoe size 2-3.Pediatric sizes available, see pp. 20, 21 into most enclosed shoes. Not made with natural#66458ARCH ANGELS INSOLEPRrubber latex. Sold in pairs. Specify size. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 171'