b'On-the-job back protectionn Double-back replaces staysSPINE AND PELVISElastic Back Braces relieveSuspenders pressure on lowerkeep braceback with evenin placecompression. Durable elastic belt will not crease or tear. Great n Stays maintain position for healthcare Proflex 2000SF Back Supportsworkers, truck drivers, maintain proper position with Sticky Finger staysand heavy-equipment integrated in back. Adjustable two-stage closure.operators. Crisscross suspender design.Double-back Durable spandex cloth with cinch tabsBlack9"HWashableBlack construction Sizing: Measure waist. S, 25"-30"; M, 30"-34"; L, 34"-38";replacesXL, 38"-42"; XXL, 42"-46". Sizing: S, 26"-30"; M, 30"-34"; L, 34"-38"; XL, 38"-42"; metal staysXXL, 42"-46". #74546$58.75 ea #72492$60.75 eaLUMBAR SUPPORTSSpecify size. California residents, see left page. Specify size. California residents, see left page.n Use with or without suspendersProFlex 1650nCinching pull strap for Economy Elasticone-handed tighteningBack Supports Green Adjustable Back and Abdominal Two-stageSupportsOffer powerful relief from lower back closure. Single- pain, weakness, or fatigue. Instant abdominal layer, 5"H elasticcompression and lumbar support for repetitive cinch strap forbending and lifting. Rigid yet comfortable positive tension. Adjustable, 1 12 "Wposterior panels provide support for lower back elastic suspendersmuscles while helping to maintain proper posture. cut wider forOne-handed cinching system easily tightens for improved fit. Use with or without suspenders.abdominal compression and lumbar support. Extends from L-1 to L-5 vertebra. Inner lining 7 12 "HKnit elastic body material and spandex binding are made from recycledHand-wash, air-drySizing: Measure around waist. XS fits up to 25"; S, 25"-30";materials. AEGIS Microbe Shield antimicrobial M, 30"-34"; L, 34"-38"; XL, 38"-42"; XXL, 42"-46". treatment helps protect the brace against odor,Sizing: Measure waist circumference. One size fits 32"-51".#79122$20.19 ea staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria and#52674$40.00 eamicroorganisms. California residents, see left page.Specify size. California residents, see left page.Lumbar Supports ease back strainn Full roll S-shaped frames provide highback and lowback supportFAX800.437.2966The OriginalMcKenzieLumbar RollLowback Used to counteractlordosis while sitting.Adjustable strap.Highback 11"L x 4 34 " diameter AliMed.com 800.225.2610Removable #6095STANDARD$28.50 ea n Aerodynamic design relaxes muscles lumbar pad#6096FIRM$30.00 ea Back VitalizerMulti-functional, adjustable California residents, see left page. cushion provides quick, reliable back pain reliefnRemovable lumbar while supporting the natural curvature of theadjustmentsn Half roll spine, neck, and shoulders. Aerodynamic designObusForme Backrest Supports are known helps relax tense muscles with gentle, continuousfor their effectiveness in reducing back pain The Originalneuromuscular stimulation, reducing stiffnessand promoting proper spine alignment. CoveredMcKenzie and spasms. Interior air pack allows air to fillwith hypoallergenic brushed nylon, all backrestsD-Section Lumbarspaces for optimal positioning, and threadedare sponge-washable. Features a patentedRollcounteract poorseal valve sustains inflation and prevents air losspolycarbonate S-shaped frame that conforms toposture and help correctfor effective positioning and pain relief. Includescontours of the back. Includes removable lumbarlordosis while seated.leatherette protective cover and adjustable hook- pad. Available in Highback or Lowback. Elastic strap attaches and-loop belt for securing to any chair.to any chair.BlackHighback: 18"W x 31"H x 51/2"DLowback:173/4"W x 1/2"-3"H x 131/4"D350-lb. capacityLeatherette18"W x 21"H x 51/2"D 11"W x 51/2"H x 41/4"D coverWashableBlack #75333HIGHBACK$172.75 ea#6097$40.00 ea #713934$72.75 ea #75335LOWBACK$116.75 ea170 California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 171'