b'The AliMedContracture BootsMultiBoot FamilyFOOT AND ANKLE The MultiBoot family of podus-type bootsContracture andoffers a range of special features that help prevent footdrop contracture. The fullyheel protectionsuspended heel design and comfort-quality construction provide pressure relief to aid in wound prevention and healing.Choose the right MultiBootfor your patients needs 4Extra protection 4Enhanced breathabilityMultiBoot X-Celis best when limited ambulation is expected. The easy-on, easy-off4Secure positioning 4Padded comfortoutsole is secure and resists unstable twisting.n Safe for transfers and limited ambulationThe synthetic fleece liner is generously cut to offer comfort as well as maximum foot andMultiBoot X-Cel Contracture Boots Choose your liner: Synthetic Fleece Liner ankle coverage and protection. Use this bootBetter balance from a broad rubber outsoleis generously cut to offer comfort as well as if balance and stability are a concern. Alsothat slides on and snaps in place for a securemaximum foot and ankle coverage and protection. available with a Genuine Wool Liner. attachment. Wont twist or slide during transfersGenuine Wool Liner offers the maximum in ANKLE CONTRACTURE BOOTS MultiBoot Xtrawith fully covered plasticand ambulation. Large footprint and nonskid surfacecomfort and protection for fragile skin. Wool helps shell and padded spine holds foot in neutraloffer greater stability. Even transfers without anregulate skin temperature in both warm and cold to prevent footdrop while providing pressureoutsole are safer with no wobbly knobs underfootconditions and can absorb up to 30% of its weight relief and minimizing risk of cross-legged injury.to stand on. in moisture without feeling wet. Breathable, moisture-wicking liner keeps fragileThe rigid plastic shell is also safer, reducing skinSynthetic Fleece Liner or Genuine Wool LinerWashableskin cool and dry, reducing skin breakdowntears caused by sharp edges or protruding knobs or Sizing: S/M, up to Wmns 8, Mens 61 ; L, Wmns 81 -11,while additional calf padding safeguards thescrews. All edges are rounded, including the anti- 1 1 1 2 2fragile Achilles region and fully suspends heelrotation bar. Mens 7-102 ; XL, Wmns 112 -122 , Mens 10+.for optimal airflow, wound healing, and pressureOrder from chart below.relief. Provides safer transfers with flat, nonskid toe plate attachment knob.MultiBoot Standard offers the essentialsto meet your needs at an economical price. Twist-resistant toe plate The standard model includes our securefor greater safetysemirigid plastic shell, offering excellentduring ambulationprotection from footdrop contracture and full heel suspension. The laminated, washable synthetic fleece liner offers comfortable padded protection. Optional Toe Plate Cover andAnkle strap ambulation Outsoles are available to completeSynthetic Fleece Liner maintains foot in this budget-friendly option. proper alignmentFAX800.437.2966 Safer ambulation866.936.2987AliMed.com Synthetic Fleece LinerSmoothFully suspended heel is so comfortable thatattachment knobpromotes healing patients dont want towont tear skinthrough aeration and take it off on opposite leg pressure relief MULTIBOOT X-CEL SYSTEM INCLUDES OUTSOLE, TOE PLATE w/COVER, AND ANTI-ROTATION BAR SIZEITEM #QTY SYNTHETIC FLEECE LINERS/M#64940*EAL#64940*EA Call! volumeOUTSOLE ON OUTSOLE OFF XL#64940*EAEasy-on, easy-offFlat bottom helpsGENUINE WOOL LINERS/M#65270EA pricingbroad outsole offersprevent accidents ifL#65271EAextra stability! patient attempts toXL#65272EAwalk without outsole.*Specify S/M, L, or XL. 42 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'