b'Therapeutic Grip SplintsBESTWRIST AND HANDSELLER!n Accommodates radial/ulnar deviationSoftPro Grip WHFO provides static therapy for support, protection, and positioning while treating non-fixed contractures associated with immobility, or they can be adjusted to provide progressive extension stretch therapy through easily bending the splint to accommodate flexion, extension, radial/ulnar deviation, and wrist drop. ItnBendable aluminum shell with Included with Grip Splint:supports the wrist in the desired position and canmoisture-absorbing terrycloth coverTHERAPEUTIC GRIP SPLINTSbe progressively brought back towards neutral. NoUltimate Grip SplintsMalleableA.heat gun, hair dryer, or tools required. Base palmaraluminum bends to fit required wristB.bar will comfortably fit into the palm of a fistedand forearm angle. Splint holds its shape. For hand. Two palmar rolls (1" and 3" diameter), eachHand roll with their own covers, allow the same splint to beincremental finger extension, splints come withcylinders slip used comfortably for moderate-to-severe fingertwo Ethafoam cylinders (1" or 134" diameter).over shell D.contractures. Foam underneath can be removedSoft Goods Set is also included with splint toC. E. F.to reduce the web space area if needed. Smoothaccommodate use with cylinder, or without for Kool-Wick lining with Bact-Ban keeps cover cleanersevere contracture. Terrycloth/foam laminate and more odor-resistant. Extra cover included. cover. Hook-and-loop closures. One size.Finger Separator sold separately, below. NotAluminum shellEthafoam cylinders: one 112" and one made with natural rubber latex. 134" diam.Terrycloth/foam laminate coverBeige A.Small hand roll cover B.Large hand roll cover #510841ULTIMATE GRIP SPLINT EA C.Aluminum shell D.Shell cover E.1 34 " cylinder #52375SOFTPRO GRIP WHFO EA hand roll F.1 12 " cylinder hand roll#52376FINGER SEPARATOR EA Specify Left or Right. Specify size and Left or Right. WIDTH OF WRIST-TO-FINGERTIP SIZEMP JOINTSLENGTHS212"-3"5"-6" M3"-312"612"-8" L312"-4"8"-912"FAX800.437.2966Wrist strap maintains neutral positionn Heat-adjustable Kydex shell AliMed.com 866.936.2987Grip Splints therapeutically position wrist,Included with Grip Splint:hand, and fingers, and are indicated for stroke patients. Maintains wrist in a neutral position, withA.fingers held in a relaxed position midway betweenHand roll flexion and extension. Select cylinder size from set n Removable, adjustable palmar air (1 38 " or 134" diameter) that is most comfortable forcylinders slipB.bladder for gentle stretch user. Smaller cover is included for use when fingerover shellAirPro Air Graduate WHFO provides low-loadcontracture is too severe to accommodate foamD.prolonged stretch to wrist while accommo datingcylinder. Hook-and-loop straps. Splint includesC. E. F.different degrees of finger contracture. Removable,adjustable Kydex shell, two Ethafoam cylinders, cone-shaped, adjustable palmar air bladder can alsoand three-piece Soft Goods Set. One size.be used alone. Bend-to-fit frame. Color-coded strapsKydex shellEthafoam cylinders: one 1 38 " and one 134" for easy application and staff training. AntibacterialdiameterBlue A.Large hand roll cover B.Small hand roll cover cover helps reduce odor. Extra cover included. One#5141GRIP SPLINT EA C.Kydex Shell D.Shell cover E.1 34 " cylinder size. Fits left or right. #5698REPLACEMENT SOFT GOODS SET3/SET hand roll F.1 38 " cylinder hand roll#52392AIR GRADUATE WHFO EA Specify Left or Right. LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 125'