b'WRIST AND HANDLow-profile supportsstabilize without limiting functionReduce jointSoft support with inflammation full hand functionand painBasal joint (CMC) arthritis doesnt haveto stop your patients from performingBESTTHUMB SPLINTSCMC THUMB SUPPORTSdaily activities. Intended for chronicSELLER!arthritis sufferers, these durable, low-profile supports effectively stabilize the MP and CMC joints to reduce joint grinding, inflammation, and pain associated with AliDry, Black CMC arthritis. Chronic-Use vs.Acute-Use SplintsGiven the waxing and waning nature of arthritis pain, individual splinting needs may fluctuateFREEDOM CMC ThumbFithelps from day to day. During acute flare-ups, usersreduce CMC joint pain and instability withoutElastic strap lifts and may require complete immobilization untildisturbing hand function. Ideal for any activity orsupports CMC jointinflammation subsides. These episodes requiresport requiring grip or pinch control. Developed by a splint with greater protection and coveragePamela Kirby, OTR/L, CHT, and Robert V. SypherNeoprene, Beige for use as a daytime support or as a nighttimeJr., MD, FAAOS, in response to patients resting splint.complaints of discomfort and impaired hand For managing the early chronic stages function from rigid thumb splints. of arDthPriUtis f, rao mso f7t 9w1r0a/pu ips pgerer/apt .f1o2r -s1u3pportEasy application without assistance. Just slipthe splint on and secure strap to apply controlled without limiting hand function. OurFREEDOMcompression to CMC joint. Elastic strap lifts CMC ThumbFit achieves this by deliveringand supports CMC joint, helping reduce painfulSlips over thumb and palmcompressive support directly to the CMC jointslipping and grinding. Low-profile splint is to reduce subluxation and joint grinding.remarkably comfortable. The Black AliDry Sizing: Measure circumference of hand over MP joints at FREEDOM Thumb Stabilizers offer fullversion wicks away moisture to keep skin drywidest point. S, 6"-67 8 "; M, 7"-77 8 "; L, 8"-87 8 "; XL, 9"-97 8 ".stabilization of the MP and CMC joint forduring vigorous activity. Beige Neoprene retains periods of acute flare-up or, in more severenatural warmth of the hand and features a terry- #51251ALIDRY, BLACK EAFAX800.437.2966cases, for everyday use. cloth interior for added comfort.#51253NEOPRENE, BEIGE EA11/2"W comfort-stretch strap Specify size and Left or Right. Support of a rigid splintbut softer FREEDOM Thumb Stabilizers support even the most AliMed.com 866.936.2987sensitive hand affected by CMC arthritis. Made without hard, uncomfortable plastic materials, this splint restricts thumb CMC joint motion by using only soft thermo moldable splinting foam and fabric. Strap orientation helps draw thumb into opposition to support a pain-free grasp. Everything youve beenUse a heat gun to looking for in a prefabricated arthritis splint without the weight oraccommodate bony hard, tough edges. Wear comfortably all day longno pressureprominencespoints, no edge discomfort, and a fully adjustable thumb channel. Available in Sizing: Measure width of hand at MP joint from radial aspect of indexBeige or Blacknger to ulnar aspect of little nger. S, 214"-234"; M, 234"-314"; L, 314"-334".#5109BEIGE EA#5117BLACK EA D-ring closure for easy Specify size and Left or Right.applicationeven with painful handsLOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 109'