b'Knee OrthosesPEDIATRIC ORTHOSESPDAC Shown with APPROVED nCustom fit with no tools or heat guns terrycloth coverKnee Orthoses for gradual extension of nonfixed knee contractures feature adjustable, bend-to-nFree or set ROMfit metal frames and cuffs. Includes two soft or lock in fullwashable terrycloth covers. Standard model is extension great as a resting splint for mild-to-moderate tone. Post-OperativeGoniometer model works like serial casting, allowing progressive extension of knee contracture. Pin (POP) KneeSplint can be locked at desired position or allowed BracesFormovement through a set ROM. Position is adjusted post-operativeusing included Allen wrench stored in frame of immobilization andorthosis. Spring-Loaded Goniometer adds protected range ofsprings for a dynamic stretch force to push kneemotion associatedto desired degree of extension. Covers arePDACwith ACL, PCL,lined with DriRelease fabric embedded withAPPROVEDMCL, and LCLFreshguard to help absorb moisture andKNEE ORTHOSESsurgeries. Light- neutralize odors.weight pin hingeAll models fit left or right. is adjustable from 0 to 120 in 7 12 REPLACEMENTincrements, and ITEM #MODEL DESCRIPTIONPRICECOVER PRICE can allow free#61061STANDARD$186.75 ea#51763$61.00 eaROM or lock in full#78054GONIOMETER$196.75 ea#51715$41.75 eaextension.13"L.#51774SPRING-LOADED GONIOMETER$233.00 ea#51775$72.75 eaFits left or right.Specify size, see chart below.California residents, see left page. Sizing: Maximum thigh circumference: 18"; maximum Suggested codes: L1832 (Goniometer); E1810 (Spring-Loaded Goniometer); L1836 (Standard, Terrycloth)calf circumference: 131 2 ".PEDIATRIC KNEE ORTHOSIS SIZE CHART#64976$143.00 ea KNEE CREASEKNEE CREASETOTALAVERAGECalifornia residents, see left page. SIZETOWARDS ANKLETOWARDS THIGHSPLINT LENGTHAGESuggested code: L1832 S, PURPLE33 4 "33 4 "71 2 "UP TO 4 YEARSM, TURQUOISE41 2 "41 2 "9"4 TO 9 YEARSL, EMERALD GREEN 51 4 "51 4 "101 2 "9 TO SMALL ADULTPediatric terrycloth covers come in colors specific to size.FAX800.437.29666"L single panel shown AliMed.com 800.225.2610n Fixed medial/lateral stays n Inflatable double air bladders n Low-load stretch for prolonged periodsKnee ImmobilizersBreathable, washablePucci Inflatable Knee Orthoses (KO) BODImaterial wicks moisture away from skin. 6"LDynamic Orthoses deliver a low model features a single panel while 9"L andContinuous low-stretch therapy throughload for a prolonged periodthe most effective 12"L models have movable tri-panel design.inflation of double air bladders behind knee.method for reducing joint c ontracturesusing Lightweight medial, lateral, and posteriorControls flexion, rotation, and medial andlateralgentle, controlled, adjustable, constant force. For aluminum stays. Posterior aspect of splint givesmovement. Fully padded. Fits left or right. nighttime use. For flexion contracture, prescribecustom anatomical fit. Fits left or right. Sizing: Measure circumference 6" above kneecap,an Extension Brace; for extension contracture,6" below kneecap. a Flexion Brace. Fits left or right.Sizing: Measure mid-thigh circumference. Sizing: Measure from center of knee to perineum.THIGH #60844$350.00 ea Fits 91 2 " or less. ITEM #LENGTH MIN.-MAX.PRICESpecify XS or S. #6489$679.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.#64969*6"6"-101 4 "$39.00 eaSIZETHIGH CIRC. CALF CIRC. Specify Extension Brace or Flexion Brace. #629459"11"-16"$46.75 ea California residents, see left page.#6294612"14"-20"$56.00 ea XS13"-15"10"-111 2 "*Single panel only.S151 2 "-18"111 2 "-14"California residents, see left page. 179'