b'Humeral SlingsSHOULDER AND ELBOW Help reduce shoulder subluxationOffload thehumeral joint Shoulder saddle acts as an anchor pointscapula Arm weight alone can contributebears the arm weightto painful subluxation during theGusseted inside rehabilitation of conditions such as CVA,panel adjusts to post-humeral fracture, brachial plexusfluctuations in injury, and shoulder-girdle weakness/edema and aids flaccidity. Conventional slings lack thewith donning/ability to adequately unload the humeraldoffingjoint while retaining ROM and preventn Fully adjustable 3-point controlpotential contracture. The AliMed Hemi-Shoulder SlingHemi-Shoulder SlingsUnlike uses a shoulder saddle to offload theconventional slings that immobilize or limit shoulder and humeral joint subluxingmotion, which may result in contracture, these HUMERAL SLINGS forces and transfer the weight of the armlightweight slings allow full ROM of the arm whileBiceps-triceps belly-to the scapula while maintaining full ROMstill maintaining stability and distraction. Slings canband locks cuff in place and preventing potential contracture. Thebe worn over or under clothing.for securitygusseted inside panel fully adjusts toSizing: Measure arm circumference at widest point of fluctuations in edema and aids with donning/ biceps. Round up if between sizes.doffing while the three adjustable fixation SIZECIRC.LEFTRIGHTQTYstraps allow for correction of muscle imbalance and internal or external rotation asXS9"#51-051#51-050EAneeded. Biceps-triceps belly-band locks cuffS11"#51-053#51-052EAin place for security. M13"#51-055#51-054EAL15"#51-057#51-056EAPatent #5,403,268 Improved designFAX800.437.2966 nHolds weight without a lot of bulk n Two large cuffsnFunctional positioning splints Cuff and Collar SlingsAdjustableCVA Slings have two large cuffs for hand GivMohr Slings promote functional posit ioningelastic band with hook-and-loop closure.and forearm support. Strap is padded at neck of upper extremity during standing and ambulationHeavyweight 1"W webbing strap with soft,for maximum comfort. Easy to apply, adjust, or and naturally reduce shoulder subluxation. Designcomfortable pad and adjustable metal slideremove without assistance. Fits left or right.allows three adjustments: 1) Hand Openingbuckle. Poly-cotton. Fits left or right.Hand-wash, air-dryWhite 866.936.2987AliMed.com Adjustment accommodates girth/size of handWhite #5971S/M EAand position of wrist cross; 2) Wrist Ulnar/RadialSizing: One size fits wrist circumference 6"-10". #5970M/L EADeviation Adjustment more evenly balances#52682CUFF AND COLLAR SLING EAweight bearing across the palmar surface of the hand; and 3) Wrist Flexion/Extension Adjustment changes wrist position. Helps protect the involved upper extremity from injury. Easy to apply and fit.nOne-handed applicationSingle arm model fits left or right. Bilateral modelsupports those with bilateral shoulder involvement. Harris Hemi-Arm Slings for hemiplegia Hand-wash, air-dry patients. One-handed application. Weight of arm is Sizing: S, 5\'0"-5\'4", 100-140 lbs.; M, 5\'3"-5\'10", 135-185 lbs.;broadly distributed across both shoulders. Padded L, 5\'10"-6\'4", 180-235 lbs. back panel prevents sling from slipping. One size.#51622S EA Hand-wash, air-dry#51623M EA #5876RIGHT, BLACK EA#51624L EA #5877LEFT, BLACK EA#52364*BILATERALEA #5878RIGHT, WHITE EA*Specify size. #5879LEFT, WHITE EA150 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'