b'Postural SupportsSHOULDER AND ELBOWThe answer to poor posture!Reduce the effectsShouldersBack Liteof poor posture 3Aligns shoulder, neck, and back musclesPoor posture3Retrains muscle memory and posturetypically results3Promotes proper breathingfrom muscle3Helps reduce painweakness, improper body3Virtually invisible under clothesmechanics, age-related changes, or inadequate positioningPDAC in a chair or at aAPPROVEDPOSTURAL SUPPORTSworkstation. Whatever the cause, poor posture that isnt addressed canFrontlead to degeneration of discs and damage to muscles, nerves, or connective structures. This damage manifestsWithout Supportitself in many ways, including chronic headaches, fatigue, and neck, shoulder, or back pain. This can be severe and even disabling. Until now, posturalLow profile, comfortablesupports intended to address the problem have been stiff, cumbersome, and restrictive, resulting in poor patient tolerance and compliance.ShouldersBack LiteThe first flexible, low-profile posture support of its kind! ShouldersBack Lite provides gentle butBacksupportive correction of the upper back and shoulderBetter girdle, gently retracting theposturescapulae, externally rotatingyoung or oldthe humeral heads, and FAX800.437.2966extending the thoracic spine. The key is that it allows the wearer normal, unrestricted movement while gently remindingBackthe muscles of theirproper postural alignment. AliMed.com 866.936.2987ShouldersBack Lite worksWith Support ShouldersBack Lite reinforces correct use SIZEBLACKWHITEQTYby retraining the posturalof postural muscles and allows full ROM. muscles without over- Flexible design offers gentle correction of posturalM#52716#52719EAcorrecting, thus optimizing muscles, retraining and strengthening theseL#52717#52720EApatient tolerance. muscles over time.Suggested code: L3650Non-binding, all-elastic straps wont constrict or irritate skin. New sheer fabric for all-day comfort in warm seasons or climates. Low-profile design is virtually undetectable under clothing. For optimal comfort, wear over a thin, fitted T-shirt under bulkier clothing.Sizing: Measure circumference of rib cage.M fits up to 38", L up to 50".LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 155'