b'Arm SlingsSHOULDER AND ELBOWQuality Arm Slingsas low as $9. ea00nOpen on both ends for easy application nBreathable, lightweight mesh material n Traditional styleOpen End ArmMesh Arm Slings Envelope SlingsLightweightClosed-end elbow withStyle Arm with open ends.breath-able, lightweightSlingsDistribute Heavyweight 1"Wmesh material. Durablearm weight for webbing strap 1"W webbing strap andcast support or with adjustable adjustable metal slidetreatment of arm, metal slide bucklebuckle. Double D-ringhand, or wrist closure. Fits left with hook-and-loopinjuries. Durable or right.closure. Helps provide1"W webbingPoly-cottonHand-wash, air-dryNavy elevation, protection,strap with slide and support to hand, arm, or shoulder. buckle adjustment. Double D-ring with hook-#52681$9.00 ea Fits left or right.and-loop closure. Deluxe has foam strap Specify size. See sizing chart below. Cotton liningHand-wash, air-dryBlack pad and thumb loop to help reduce neck ARM SLINGSCalifornia residents, see left page. and shoulder strain and prevent wrist drop. #52680$10.00 ea Universal fits all. Fits left or right. Specify size. See sizing chart below. Poly-cottonHand-wash, air-dryNavyCalifornia residents, see left page.#52678*ENVELOPE STYLE$12.00 ea OPEN END/MESH/ENVELOPE STYLE SIZING #52683*DELUXE$15.00 ea S11"-13"L 14"-15" #52679UNIVERSAL, 11"-16"$14.00 ea M 13"-14"XL 15"+ *Specify size. See sizing chart at left. Sizing: Measure forearm from elbow to base of little finger. California residents, see left page.pedin Holds upper arm against body sizes nEvenly supports weight of arm New! Joslin SwatheArm to eliminate pressure points Toddler SizeImmobilizers gentlyJoslin Ultimate Arm Sling Sling pouch hold upper arm againststretches to adjust to length of arm from elbow body. Use with Ultimateto wrist. Soft hand and thumb loops ensure arm Arm Sling (at right) tois held securely in place. Cradles arm and evenly immobilize arm. Fabricsupports weight, virtually eliminating painful adheres to hook-and-looppressure points. Soft back strap is easy onso it can be adjusted and securedneck. Swathe Arm Immobilizer available at any length. Fits left or right.separately (at left). Fits left or right. Hand-wash, air-dryBlack Hand-wash, air-dryBlack pediSizing: Child/Sm. Adult, 50-90 lbs.;Sizing: Toddler/Sm. Child, 25-50 lbs.; sizesAdult, 90-250 lbs.; Goliath, 250+ lbs. Child/Sm. Adult, 50-90 lbs.; Adult, 90-FAX800.437.2966#51945CHILD/SM. ADULT$28.75 ea 250 lbs.; Pro-3 XL, 225-300 lbs.; Goliath, 300+ lbs.#51944ADULT$32.75 ea #52738TODDLER/SM. CHILD$30.00 ea #51942PRO-3XL$35.75 ea#51946GOLIATH$53.75 ea #51940CHILD/SM. ADULT$30.00 ea #51943GOLIATH$67.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #51941ADULT$30.50 ea California residents, see left page.nThumb-loop to prevent migration AliMed.com 800.225.2610Arm Slings with Thumb-LoopDeep pouch supports elbow and hand. Thumb-loop helps prevent sling migration and keeps hand neutral. 1 12 "W web shoulder strap, perforated vinyl neck pad. Slide bar buckle adjustment. Fits left or right. 5/pk. Hand-wash, air-dry nMaximum adjustability n Fits child or adultSizing: Measure from lateral epicondyle to fifth metacarpo- Universal Arm SlingsAdjust by foldingFits-All Arm SlingsDeep, twill pocket phalangeal joint. S, 8"-12"; M, 12"-15"; L, 15"-18"; XL, 18"-20". sling towards elbow and attaching with Doublepositions hand, elbow, and shoulder. ShoulderSIZEWHITE DUCKBLUE DENIM D-ring contact closure. 1"W web shoulder strap,strap with perforated vinyl pad and double D-ring S#510692 perforated vinyl neck pad. One size. Fits left orhook-and-loop closure. Adjusts to fit child or adult M#510683#510693 right. 10/pk.by folding sling at elbow and attaching hook-and-L#510684#510694 Hand-wash, air-dryBlue denim loop closure. One size. Fits left or right. XL#510685#510695 #510636$116.75 pk ($11.68 ea) Hand-wash, air-dryNavy$47.75 pk$47.75 pk California residents, see left page. #5967$18.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 155'