b'Orthotic Materials and SuppliesMATERIALS AND TOOLS Carboplast Sheetsn Choice of four rigiditiesCarboplast SheetsThermoplastic material thats easy to mold (3-7 minutes at 400F) to fabricate custom orthotics. Allows for deep-contour molding using conventional equipment. Available in four Rigidities to address a wide variety of patient needs. Lightweight and durablemade with high-strength carbon and glass fibers in a tough, unique polypropylene matrix thats guaranteed not to crack. FLEXIBLE, 1.5 MM THICKRIGID, 2.5 MM THICK#6518031 2 "W x 71 2 "LEA #651854"W x 8"LEA 3 12 "W x 7 12 "L 4"W x 8"L#651814"W x 8"LEA #651865"W x 9"LEA#651825"W x 9"LEA #651874"W x 12"LEA#651834"W x 12"LEA #6703224"W x 36"LEA#6702824"W x 36"LEA #6703348"W x 36"LEA#6702948"W x 36"LEAEXTRA-RIGID, 2.9 MM THICKORTHOTIC MATERIALS AND SUPPLIESSEMI-RIGID, 2.0 MM THICK #651934"W x 8"LEA#6518831 2 "W x 71 2 "LEA #651945"W x 9"LEA#651894"W x 8"LEA #651954"W x 12"LEA#651905"W x 9"LEA #6703424"W x 36"LEA#651914"W x 12"LEA#6703024"W x 36"LEA 5"W x 9"L#6703148"W x 36"LEANew larger sheet sizes!4"W x 12"LOrthotic Fabrication SuppliesFAX800.437.2966 Standard Kitn Softer foamconvenient and accurate nIdeal for laboratory useFoamart Foot Impression FoamAvailablePink Impression Foam Foldover Kits are packaged in convenient self-mailer carton. Bulk Individualin convenient Self-Mailer boxes or in Bulk Form.Form is ideal for laboratory use. Will not crack 866.936.2987AliMed.com Slab Not made with natural rubber latex. during or after an impression.n Accurate, dependable impressionsSELF-MAILER IMPRESSION KIT FOLDOVER KIT#67936"W x 12"L x 2"D12 PR/PK #666886"W x 14"L x 212"D10/CSBIO-FOAM Impression Foam provides#667126"W x 14"L x 2"D10 PR/PK#666896"W x 12"L x 2"D12/CS optimum convenience for the patient and ECONOMY BULK FORM #666906"W x 14"L x 2"D12/CSpractitioneraccurate and dependable#650816"W x 14"L x 2"D 24/PK BULK FORMimpressions can be completed in just a fewAdditional shipping charges may apply.#666916"W x 14"L x 2"D24/CSminutes. Standard Kits are packed 2 slabs per kit in a sturdy mailing carton, and each kit includes casting instructions. Bulk Packs consist of foam slabs that are perfect for laboratory use.7 Heating Slab size: 5 8 "W x 1334"L x 214"D Equipment#66686STANDARD KIT6 KIT/CS#66687BULK PACK FOAM SLAB12/CS p. 202194 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'