b'Shop our TOP BRACING products pedisizes 70 MPFlexionHeadmaster Collars offer unobtrusive, cool support and control. BendEZY WRAP BoxerWrist SplintsRemovableFREEDOM Thumb SpicasAliSoftmanually for custom fit.palmar spoon and ulnar/dorsal and metacarpal staysnon-rigid shell held by elastic straps for Optional Extension Neckeliminate ulnar styloid pressure, holding wrist andsupport and motion restriction. Terrycloth liner Pad for extension support.fingers in preferred angle of support. Hook-and-loopwicks moisture and doesnt trap heat. AdjustNot made with naturalclosure adjusts for swelling.shell with scissors.rubber latex. Sizing: Measure forearm 7" above wrist joint. Pediatric/ Sizing: Measure circumference of hand at MP joints.Sizing: See p. 157. Youth size determined by body weight. Pediatric/Youth,S/M fits up to 734"; M/L fits 734".#52368*HEADMASTER COLLAREA 30-50 lbs.; XS/S, 8"-10"; M/L, 10"-12"; XL/XXL, 111 2 "-15". BEIGE BLACKSIZEQTY#52170**EXTENSION NECK PAD EA #52503WRIST SPLINTS EA #5782 #5482S/M, RIGHTEA*Specify size. Specify size and Left or Right.#5783 #5483S/M, LEFT EA**Specify Child (fits Infant and Child Collars), S/Jr. (fits#5784#5484M/L, RIGHTEASm. and Jr. Collars), or M/L (fits Med. and Lg. Collars). #5785#5485M/L, LEFTEAJoslin Ultimate Arm Slingstretches to length of arm and evenly supports weight, eliminating pressure points. Hand and thumb loops secure arm in place. Soft back strap is easy on neck. Trulife Pectus Carinatum OrthosesOff-the-Air-dry pedi shelf bracing provides compression for pigeon chest.Game Changer OA Knee Braces treat Sizing: See p. 151. sizes Trimmable, heat-moldable polyethylene pads. Fitsboth medial and lateral knee pain. Universal size #52738TODDLER/SM. CHILD EA under clothing. Adjust with ratchet closure. One sizefits most patients. Easy to apply. Comfortable, lightweight design with new pivoting strap #51940CHILD/SM. ADULT EA fits most, up to 39" chest circumference. attachment and push button release.#51941ADULT EA Low-density polyethyleneAluminum#67000LEFTEA#51942PRO-3XL EA #53536CARINATUM ORTHOSESEA #67001RIGHTEA#51943GOLIATH EAFREEDOM Swedish AFOs 14 "for static dorsiflexion and medial and lateral foot/ 3 Choose from ankle stability. Fits easily 8 " two heightsinto any shoe. Adjust with heat gun, trim foot plateLeg-Length Discrepancy Pads with scissors. PaddedLong-lasting viscoelastic polymer gives hook-and-loop strapPediatric Classic Night Splints exceptional shock absorption. Firm wedge with secures AFO around calf. help prevent shortening of Achilles tendon.soft fabric top cover is moisture-resistant and Sizing: Wmns fits up to Wmns size 91 2 . Hook-and-loop straps adjust ankle/foot position. wont harden, crack, or curl.Mens fits up to Mens size 12.Breathable padded liner, nonskid base. Not for ITEM #HEIGHTWMNSMENSQTYWHITEBLACKQTY ambulation. Fits left or right. #69901 4 " 61 2 -81 25-6EAWMNS RIGHT#64328#64332EA Sizing: Approximate shoe size, length of splint for calf/ #69911 4 "9-12 61 2 -81 2EAWMNS LEFT#64329#64333EA foot sections: S, 2-7, 71 4 "/6"; M, 7-10, 61 2 "/81 2 "; L, 10-121 2 ,#69921 4 "9+EAMENS RIGHT#64330#64334 EA 71 4 "/10". #69933 8 "61 2 -81 2 5-6EAMENS LEFT#64331#64335EA #66141PEDIATRIC CLASSIC NIGHT SPLINTS EA #6994 3 8 "9-12 61 2 -81 2EASpecify size.#6995 3 8 "9+EA7975-1LOG IN FOR PRICING atAliMed.com|866.936.2987'