b'Ambulatory Footdrop Braces FOOT AND ANKLE n Prefabricatedquickly customize if neededFootdrop BracesPrefabricated braces eliminate messy casting and annoying delays.Without modication, they t up to 80% of your patients. Quickly customize with a heat gun.n Pediatric sizePediatric AFOs with 18 " polypropylene shell includes medial/lateral supportfor unstable ankles. Immediate fitting allows early ambulation. pedisizesType 670 Type C-50Type C-90#66131RIGHT EA#66132LEFT EAAMBULATORY FOOTDROP BRACES Specify size. See chart below. CALFBRACEFOOT SIZECIRCUMFERENCEHEIGHTLENGTHXS6"-71 2 "61 2 "4"Type 670 General Purpose/CVAType C-50 Heavy-DutyType C-90 SuperiorS71 2 "-9"7"41 2 " Training BracesTrimmed high in AFOsTrimmed low inPosterior Leaf SpringM81 2 "-91 2 "9"43 4 "malleolus area for M/L stability andmalleolus area, reducingallows full range of plantar- L9"-101 2 "10"51 4 "plantarexion control. Use as a post-CVAM/Lstability to allow someflexion and dorsiexion with1training brace or for acute ankle sprains.plantar exion. Malleolus ttingdorsiflexion assist. PreferredXL10"-11 2 "11"6"Malleolus fitting normally required.usually not required.for easy t and long wear. DESCRIPTIONTYPE 670TYPE C-50TYPE C-90DORSIFLEXIONYESYESYESPLANTARFLEXIONNOSOMEYESM/L STABILITYHIGHESTSOMELOWLASTED FOR NORMAL SHOEYESYESYES Lockdown Heel StrapDORSIFLEXION ASSISTNO SOMEYES SHOE SIZEAFO SIZEITEM #HEIGHT*ITEM #HEIGHT*ITEM #HEIGHT*QTYWMNS 6-8 S, LEFT#6673113 4 "#6623113 4 "#6603111 2 "EAOR MENS 4-6S, RIGHT#6672113 4 "#6622113 4 "#6602111 2 "EAWMNS 8-10 M, LEFT #667512"#662512"#6605121 4 "EAOR MENS 7-8M, RIGHT #667412"#662412"#6604121 4 "EAWMNS 10-11L, LEFT #6677123 4 "#6627123 4 "#6607133 4 "EAOR MENS 9-12L, RIGHT #6676123 4 "#6626123 4 "#6606133 4 "EA*Refers to height from heel to top of splint. Designed to fit FAX800.437.2966 AFOs and bracesn Great for slippers and sandals Apex Rhino Runner Footwear features an adjustable FREEDOM Soft Footdrop BracesUnliketraditional footdrop braces that dont workLockdownHeel Strap with loose-fitting shoes, these braces are 100%to comfortably accommodate 866.936.2987AliMed.com self-containedwear them with shoes, sandals,AFOs or braces.slipperseven barefoot. Constructed of theDetails, p. 34thinnest neoprene available, they rely on elastic strapping to maintain foot position and to help prevent plantarflexion for a brace that is just as Elastic strappingeffective when worn barefoot. Effectively helps maintainconforms to ankle and calf. Worn under stockings, foot position its practically invisible. Great for hypermobile and post-polio afflictions. Includes a semirigid plantar foot plate, which helps maintain arch and gives a stable support surface.Sizing: Approximate by shoe size. See chart below. ITEM # SIZEWMNSMENSQTY Semirigid plantar foot plate#64105S6-71 2 EAmaintains arch #64106M8-101 2 7-91 2EA#64107L1110-12 EA 56 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'