b'Hinged Knee BracesKNEE, HIP, AND THIGHFullWraparoundPull-UpWraparound TopPlastic hingenRepositionable U-shaped buttress nBreathable open-cell material; available in three stylesNeoprene Knee Supports offerFREEDOM Hinged Plus Knee Braces hook-and-loop closures and removable, adjustable compression and retain body heat to helpQuality, breathable knee brace indicated forcrescent buttresses, Full Wraparound for easy HINGED KNEE BRACESrelieve pain. Plastic polycentric hinges with amedial and lateral collateral ligament instability,donning, or Wraparound Top with closed bottom hyperextension stop adjust to knee movement and mild to moderate ACL/PCL instabilities.for a better fit with athletic or cone-shaped legs, and enhance medial and lateral stability. Added comfort and flexibility with18 "-thick open- removable, adjustable crescent buttress and 180 U-shaped felt patellar buttress can becell material that has a large popliteal opening tohinges that can be repositioned for a custom fit. repositioned. Superior and inferior 2"-wide strapsminimize bunching of material behind the knee,All styles fit left or right.stabilize and add compression. Fits left or right. and is cooler than traditional neoprene braces.Sizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with leg Sizing: Measure circumference at middle of knee. Open patella provides comfortable kneeextended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16"; S, 12"-131/2"; M, 131/2"-15"; L, 15"-161/2"; XL, 161/2"-18". positioning. Upper and lower circumferentialXL, 16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22".L is approximately 12"L. straps have elastic segments for enhanced fit and#66891PULL-UP$78.75 ea#66298$48.75 ea comfort. Internal anti-migration strips help reduce#66890FULL WRAPAROUND$68.00 easlipping. Includes removable stainless steel Specify size. hinges with flexion/extension stops. Available in#66892WRAPAROUND TOP$73.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. three styles: Pull-Up with upper and lower Specify size. California residents, see left page.PDACFAX800.437.2966APPROVEDnMoisture-wicking breathablenFull wraparound closure for easyn Anterior/posterior hinges easily adjust membrane application to center of rotationOpen Wrap ROM Hinged Knee Braces FREEDOMWraparound Knee Orthoses FREEDOM Premium Knee OrthosesAnatomical shape for support and stability after Covered bilateral stainless steel-hinged uprightsAdjustable covered bilateral stainless steel- AliMed.com 800.225.2610knee surgery and through post-op rehab. ROMwith hyperextension stops allow varus/valgushinged uprights with hyper-extension stops allow hinges have snap-in flexion and extension stopssupport. Top and bottom wraparound closure andanterior/posterior adjustment for proper alignment. (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 45, 60, 75, or 90) withupper and lower circumferential straps with fingerAnterior wrap-around closure on top only.316 "-thick tool-free adjustability. Open-wrap design with twoloops and pull tabs make brace easy to apply andblack nylon-covered neoprene maintains warmth adjustable straps provides additional adjustabilityreduce brace migration.316 "-thick black nylon-coveredto aid in healing. Patellar opening with removable and helps prevent migration. Micro-ventilatedneoprene maintains warmth to aid in healing. Patellarpadded buttress improves patellar tracking and breathable membrane allows a free flow of air foropening with removable padded buttress improvespatient comfort. Fits left or right.well-ventilated and comfortable skin. Soft thermalpatellar tracking and patient comfort. AdjustableSizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with leg lining captures and retains natural body heat forelastic segment helps prevent tourniquet effects inextended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16"; effective pain relief and therapy. Fits left or right. popliteal opening. Fits left or right. XL, 16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22".Sizing: Measure knee circumference just under kneecapSizing: Measure circumference of knee at center with leg#64706 XS#64710XLwith knee slightly bent. XS, 11"-121 2 "; S, 121 2 "-131 4 "; extended. XS, 12"-13"; S, 13"-14"; M, 14"-15"; L, 15"-16"; XL,#64707S#64711XXLM, 131 4 "-141 2 "; L, 141 2 "-153 4 "; XL, 153 4 "-17"; XXL,17"-16"-18"; XXL, 18"-20"; 3XL, 20"-22".181 4 "; 3XL, 181 4 "-191 2 "; 4XL, 191 2 "-21"; 5XL, 21"-24". #64708M#647123XL#64699XS#64703XL #64709L$76.75 ea #66786$101.75 ea #64700S#64704XXL California residents, see left page.Specify size. California residents, see left page.#64701M#647053XLSuggested code: L1833 #64702L$53.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 87'