b'Post-Op and ROM Elbow OrthosesSHOULDER AND ELBOWUnilateral nEasy-to-adjust unilateral hinge Slide-to-FREEDOM comfort Size strutROM Elbow Braces with unilateral hinge for post-operative elbow rehabilitation. Tool-free adjustable stops may be set for extension or flexion in a range of 0 to 120 inPDAC5 increments. Stop pins are attached to helpAPPROVEDprevent loss. Each brace includes a padded,Unilateral hinge cloth-covered foam strap that acts as a sling.with tool-free, Brace is completely enclosed in high-densityeasy-to-adjust joint nSlide-to-Size struts for customized fitfoam for total comfort. Cushion cuffs conform to body, are fixed to uprights, and are covered in aInnovator XArm Bar Kit POST-OP AND ROM ELBOW ORTHOSES thick fabric. Nonremovable cuffs can be surface- Post-Op Elbow(sold separately)cleaned.BracesEasy-to-Sizing: Measure circumference at belly of biceps. S/M,adjust Innovator 91 2 "-13"; M/L, 13"-18". Adjustable slingROM hinge with #51702S/M, RIGHT EA is included if armOneTouch button support is indicated#51704M/L, RIGHT EA for flexion and extension adjustments. Slide-to-Size #51703S/M, LEFT EA struts with malleable aluminum cuffs for custom #51705M/L, LEFT EA fit. Form Fit padding and LYCRA lining improve fit and comfort. Sensil silicone padding on straps reduces slipping. Flexion adjusts from 0 to 120 in 10 increments, extension from 0 to 90 in 15 increments. Optional Arm Bar Kit provides antisupination/pronation control during use. One size.Overlap closures Arm Bar Kit contains: Arm bar, attachment screws, arm for quick application bar handle cushion, and distal cuff#52166* INNOVATOR XEA#52167 ARM BAR KIT KIT*Specify Left or Right. Suggested code: L3760BilateralHidden hinges adjustable joint Bariatric sizes n Bilateral, 0-120 in 5 increments availableEasy-On Elbow Braces feature bilateralSizing: Measure circumference at belly of forearm and FAX800.437.2966 hinges with adjustable extension/flexionbiceps. See chart below.stops allowing a range of 0 to 120 flexion in 5#510856EASY-ON ELBOW BRACEEAincrements. Tool-free adjustment. Simply rotate cover to expose stop pins and reposition them Specify size.PDACas required. Removable cushion cuffs are madeSIZEFOREARM CUFF CIRC.BICEP CUFF CIRC. APPROVEDof thick, self-padded, washable fabric withS8"-10"9"-11" 866.936.2987AliMed.com overlapping hook-and-loop fasteners for easyM10"-121 2 "11"-13" application. All joints feature fully cushioned1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 n Moisture-wicking materialprotectors. Fits left or right. L12"-14"13"-15" Flex Cuff RespondROM Elbow OrthosesFor elbow contractures, instability, sprains, strains, Immobilize the elbow at 90. and ligament repairs. Hinges regulate range of motion through flexion/extension stop settings, and Posterior 90 Flexion Elbow Orthoses a static lock PEM allows static progressive stretch. Removable terrycloth-foam laminatedHinge arms positioned in medial/lateral panels interior. Use for epicondylectomy or fractures ofprevent migration of the arm. Liner is constructed humerus/forearmany where 90 of elbow flexionof one-piece breathable foam that wicks away is required. Straps in cluded. Fits left or right.moisture from the skin. Fits left or right. Multiform plasticAdjust with heat gunOverall length: 15"Hinge length: 12 12 " Sizing: Measure humerus circumference at midpoint. Sizing: Measure circumference at mid-humerus.S, 8"-91 2 "; M, 91 2 "-11"; L, 11"-131 2 "; XL, 131 2 "-151 2 ". S, 8"-10"; M, 10"-12"; L, 12"-16"; XL, 16"-21".#510367ELBOW ORTHOSISEA #66440ROM ELBOW ORTHOSISEASpecify size.Specify S, M, L, or XL (Bariatric).Suggested code: L3760 146 LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com'