b'Post-Op Knee Orthoses KNEE, HIP, AND THIGHQuick, post-op immobilizationEasy-OnKnee BracesAdjustable extension/flexion stop with range of 0 to 120 flexion and 0 to 75 extension in 71/2 increments. Adjust without tools. Rotate cover and reposition stop pins as required. Thick, self-padded washable cushion cuffsStop with hook-and-loop fasteners.pins All joints have fully cushion edno toolsprotectors. Bilateral uprights. Includes removable padded patella strap. Fits left or right. Easy-to-adjust jointPOST-OP KNEE ORTHOSESSizing: Measure circumference 6" above kneecap.S, 13"-17"; M, 171 2 "-20"; L 201 2 "-23".#62415EASY-ON KNEE BRACEEAnEasy-to-adjust telescoping hinges from 18"-22" Specify size. Universal Telescoping ROM Knee Braces for post-op immobilization or ROM control. Telescoping hinges easily adjust in length from 18" to 22" with the push of a button. Extension stops can be set at -10 to 90 in 10 increments. Flexion stops can be set at 0 to 120 in 10 increments. Adjustable Y-tab hooks. StrapsnSwing Assist allows normal nFree or set ROM or lock in full extensioncan be cut to desired length. Fits left or right.Sizing: Maximum thigh circumference 31", calfheel/toe foot placement Post-Operative Pincircumference 211 2 ". Sport Rehabilitator Knee(POP) Knee Braces for #66988TELESCOPING ROM KNEE BRACEEA BracesTreat knee injuriespostoperative immobilization including acute, chronic, andand protected range of Additional shipping charges may apply.post-operative conditions, asmotion associated with well as various instabilities.ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL Brace offers superior supportsurgeries. Lightweight pin hinge and stability to the knee as wellis adjustable from 0 to 120 as the ability to re-establish ain 7 12increments, and can normal gait pattern, enhancingallow free ROM or lock in full the rehabilitation processextension. Available in Long For added compressionof the knee through a moreand Short lengths, with Full or functional neuromuscularCool liner. Long brace features and support, use with aPDAC breakaway capabilities for easy FAX800.437.2966re-education approach. Features Seamless Knee Sleeve include an air bladder system forAPPROVED conversion to Short length medial, lateral, and rotational support of the knee,for long-term rehabilitation. and a patented Swing Assist to enhance gait byBreakaway length is 10" on facilitating normal heel/toe foot placement andLong models. Fits left and right.improve quadriceps firing to strengthen musclesSizing: Pediatric: Max. thigh over time. ROM hinge allows for precise control ofcircumference 18"; max. calfAliMed.com 866.936.2987extension and flexion if needed. May be combinedcircumference 131 2 ". Short andwith the Elite Rehabilitator AFO (see p. 58) forLong: Max. thigh circumference 27",total lower extremity hemiplegic gait corrections. max. calf circumference 19". Long Cool Sizing: Measure circumference 41 2 " above and 4" belowmodel shownmidpatella. See chart below. pedi PDACsizes APPROVED#66576KNEE BRACEEASpecify size and Left or Right. ITEM #SIZELENGTHQTYSuggested code: L1845 #64976PEDIATRIC13" (33 cm)EA SIZETHIGH CIRC.CALF CIRC. #62953SHORT FULL16" (40.6 cm)EAXS13"-16"9"-12" #62954SHORT COOL16" (40.6 cm)EAS16"-19"12"-15" #62955LONG FULL221 2 " (57.2 cm)EAM19"-22"15"-17" #62956LONG COOL221 2 " (57.2 cm)EADetails, p. 88 L22"-25"17"-20" Suggested code: L1832XL25"-28"20"-23"XXL28"-32"23"-26"LOG IN FOR PRICING at AliMed.com 85'